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The ten longest rivers in Europe?


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The ten longest rivers in Europe are,

1. Volga

2. Danube

3. Ural

4. Dnieper

5. Don

6. Dniester

7. Rhine

8. Elbe

9. Vistula

10. Daugava

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There are thousands of rivers in Europe. The longest is the river Volga.

The longest river in the world is the Nile. Some of the other longest rivers that are located in Africa are; Congo, Niger and Zambezi.

There are many rivers that run through Europe. These include the Danube, Volga, Ural, Oka, and the Kama. These are some of the longest rivers throughout Europe.

In Europe the longest rivers in order are: Volga, Danube and the Ural.In Africa: The Nile, the Congo and the Niger.In North America: The Mississippi, the Mackenzie and the Yukon.

The River Nile is one, it's also the longest.

Africa has two of the ten longest rivers in the world. The first is the Nile which is the longest river in the world at 4,132 miles long. The second longest African river is the Congo which is the ninth longest river in the world at 2,922 miles long.

the first is the river volga, and the second is Danube river

1.Volga 2.Danube 3.Ural 4.Dinieper 5.? 6? 7.Rhine 8.? 9.? 10?

One of the ten longest rivers that starts with this letter is the Congo River. This river has a length of 2,920 miles. The longest river is the Nile at 4,132 miles.

North America is home to several long rivers. The ten longest are as follows: the Mississippi, the Mackenzie, the Yukon, the St. Lawrence, the Rio Grande, the Nelson, the Arkansas, the Columbia, the Colorado, and the Red.

Volga River, Danube River, and the Ural River.

1. Volga 2. Danube 3. Ural

Europe has hundreds of rivers, not just five. The five longest are the Volga, the Danube, the Ural, the Dnieper and the Don.

Yes!! The Scandinavian mountains are the longest mountains in Europe. There are ten mountains in the Scandinavian mountain range and it is VERY long. The Carpathian Mountains is the second longest mountain range in Europe.

Yes. The Congo - Chambeshi River, also known as the Zaire River is the eighth longest in the world.

5 longest rivers in Asia and location?

What is the longest reef in Europe?

longest river in africa: nile river longest river in europe: volga river actually in russia longest river in north america: missouri longest river in south america: amazon longest river in asia: chang jiang longest river in austalia: murray-darling river top three longest rivers in the world: 1 nile, 2 amazon, 3 chang jiang (should be) or maybe the missouri-mississippi river system(whole thing not just missouri)

Danube, Rhine, Loire, Tagus, Rhone, Vistula are among the longest, there are many more.

seine, loire, rhone, garonne are the longest rivers in France

River Severn and Thames are the 2 longest rivers in the UK.

Yes, there are a huge amount of rivers in Europe.

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