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Paper, yard waste, food waste, and plastics.

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Q: The top four components of municipal solid waste that are buried in US landfills listed from highest to lowest is what?
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Why do landfills smell?

Landfills are buried garbage. The smell of the garbage moves through the soil and that is why they stink.

Do landfills smell?

Landfills are buried garbage. The smell of the garbage moves through the soil and that is why they stink.

Is municipal solid waste buried underground in incinerators?


What do scientist call litter buried in sanitary landfill?

What do you think will happen to the types of litter and garbage you and your family generate after being buried in sanitary landfills,

What do you do with your wet and dry garbage?

Wet garbage is composed of organics, that is those components that can be composted (decompose naturally). Dry garbage is manufactured goods that do not decompose easily such as metal, glass, and plastic. While recycling is available for most forms of dry garbage, and composting of wet garbage can be done quite easily at home, most garbage, wet and dry, are disposed of via municipal and private waste contractors. It is typically buried in landfills, incinerated in large furnaces, or dumped at sea.

Place where garbage is hauled and buried?

Landfills, usually, though solid human waste goes to a sewerage system.

How does Singapore deal with the rubbish thrown away?

It is buried underground in landfills, incinerated and mixed into construction tiles or recycled if it is recyclable

How radioactive waste is disposed?

Most radioactive waste is sealed in special containers, and buried underground. Medical waste that may be radioactive is taken to landfills.

How the garbage is disposed off?

This is done in different ways in different countries. It can be burned, recycled or ground down and then buried, or simply buried in municipal garbage pits. Organic waste can be collected in special bags. Inorganic waste needs to be collected separately.

Where was the people buried that was on the titanic?

209 bodies were recovered in the aftermath of the sinking of Titanic and buried in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Of the 712 survivors, many were buried in many places like Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx, New York, which, at 12, has the highest concentration of Titanic passengers in the US - the second highest is Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn with nine.

Are landfills good or bad?

Landfills are in water bodies. This means that landfills can help reduce the amount of garbage that cannot be incinerated left on land. This will reduce the unsightliness of the area, the bad smells and the land taken up, which can be used to develop other things.

What gas could be responsible fo r explosions in a landfills?

Biogas is the name of a mixture of methane, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen, it is also known as marsh gas or swamp gas. It is formed by the biodegrading of organic material such as garbage buried in a landfill.