The top speed of a bullet?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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4000 fps or more.

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Q: The top speed of a bullet?
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Could the f-14 tomcat out run one of its own bullets?

the f-14 tomcat can travel at a speed of mach2+ (always depending on the weather) but that's its top speed, a bullet also travels at a speed of mach2. but when the jet fires the bullet it probably wont be going top speed, but yes if going top speed, the F-14 Tomcat can outrun its own bullets.

Average bullet speed?

the average bullet speed is 896m/s

What is meaning of bullet dance?

bullet dance is nothing but , dancing speed like bullet train speed.

What is the top speed of a bullet st flux RC?

35-40 mph with 2s lipo battery

How fast is a bullets top speed?

What kind of bullet are you referring to? They all have different top speeds, and can very a lot. The fastest bullet i know is the .50 cal BMG at about 2800 Feet per sedpnd or 1901 M.P.H

Can a train go 100 MPH?

Yes. The Japanese bullet train, Shinkansen, has a normal operating speed of twice as much.

What is a supersonic bullet?

A supersonic bullet is a bullet that is faster than the speed of sound.

If you are travelling at the speed of light and fire a bullet what would happen?

it is impossible to fire a bullet a the speed of light

What is the top speed of bullet train?

"The Shanghai Maglev Train, opened in 2003, is the fastest, operating at speeds of up to 430 km/h (267 mph)."-Wikipedia

What is Subsonic Bullet?

Subsonic means "slower than the speed of sound" so a subsonic bullet is any bullet that travels slower than the speed of sound.

What is the highest speed of a bullet?

The highest speed i know for a bullet is the .50 Cal BMG bullet at about an average of 2800 Feet per second or 1901 M.P.H

Which country is the originator of the high speed Bullet Train?

Japan is the original inventor of the high speed bullet train.