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Q: What is the top speed of bullet train?
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Which country is the originator of the high speed Bullet Train?

Japan is the original inventor of the high speed bullet train.

What is meaning of bullet dance?

bullet dance is nothing but , dancing speed like bullet train speed.

What is the name of the fastest bullet train in Japan?

N700 Series Shinkansen. Top speed of 186 mph.

Why is the bullet train famous?

The bullet train is famous because of it's speed. This train is the fastest in the world. It was created by the Japanese.

Can a train get up to 88 mph?

Easily. The top speed for the Japanese bullet train (Shinkansen) is 200 mph. The test record is 275 mph on ordinary tracks and on maglev, a top speed of 375 mph has been recoded.

Maximum speed of a bullet train?

the maximum speed for a train is the maglev in japan 581 km/h

In which country would you travel on a bullet train?

The Shinkansen is also known as the bullet train, it is a high speed railway in Japan

Does a bullet train travel faster than a bullet?

bullet trains travel at 96.5 percent the speeed of a bullet No it doesn't. A bullet train does around 190mph normally and can reach 275mph. Depending on calibre, a rifle bullet travels at 1,500-2,000mph. So on average, a bullet train travelling at normal speed travels at between 9.5 and 12.6% of the speed of a rifle bullet.

What is the high speed train called in japan?

It's called the Shinkansen or 'Bullet' train.

What is the name of the Japanese high speed train?

I believe it is informally called the "Bullet Train."

This country invented a high-speed train-the bullet train?

Japan, 186 mph

How did bullet train get its name?

Obviously, because of its speed and shape.

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