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Q: The us government can only be sued if it to being sued?
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Has anyone sued the US Government?


Can you get sued from Mexico if you live in the US?

Yes. It however, depends on what are you being sued for. For example, being sued for overdue alimony is perfectly doable within the laws of both countries.

Can you bring the US government to trial?

The US Federal Government has "sovereign immunity", so it cannot be sued without its consent.

Did the US Sued win?

The US Sued did win.

Can a Canadian have jobs in the US government?

Every Canadian can have a job in the US government. The American are tolerable in that case. You only need the specif requirements that are needed for being a employee at the US government.

Under what circumstances can an American sue the government of the US?

Read the Federal Tort Claims Act. It can be viewed online and defines the circumstances under which the government can be sued.

Did the US win?

The US Sued did win.

Can the federal government be sued?

Yes, but only in the United States Court of Federal Claims, a special court that hears only claims against the United States. No claims against the US may be made in any state court.

Is the US-Government considered a business?

No. A business is fundamentally a "for profit" entity. The US Govt can engage in transactions with businesses, and can even allow itself to be sued as a result of those transactions. However, the US Government is wholly different sort of entity.

Can a state be sued?

It depends. The 11th amendment grants states sovereign immunity from lawsuits. The state can waive its right to be sued by its own citizens, but it doesn't have to. The only way a state can be sued is if it is sued by another state. If two states sue each other, then the US Supreme Court has original jurisdiction. Downside is, you cannot sue your own state. BUT, municipalities and local governments do not have sovereign immunity, so you can sue your city government.

How many US sentors serve your government?

The 100 US senators serve only the US government

Why starving artists are concerned about being sued for copyright infringement when they use protected work?

If an infringement case is brought, the financial situation of the infringer is immaterial: they can be sued for up to $30,000 per use in the US.

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