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Great Depression

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Q: The was the worst economic period in the history of the US.?
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The was the worst economic period in the history of the US?

Great Depression

What is the worst period of economic hardship in US history?

The Great Depression.

The was the worst economic period in the history in the US?

Great depression you dumb f***s

Which time period in US history could be considered a time of economic expansion?

The 1940's.

What was the worst US economic depression in the late 19th century?

In the Winter of 1873 to 1874, the US was in the worst economic depression in its history. Unemployment was very high and even food was scarce in some places. This depression, did however, give more strength to labor unions.

When was the worst dustbowl of the history of US?

The worst dust bowl occurred in the period between 1930 until 1936, however in some areas lasted until 1940.

What were the 5 worst thunderstorms in us history?


Worst presidency in US history?

Barrack Obama

What was the secound worst hurricane in US history?


What was the economic impact of the Pax Romana?

The period in ancient Roman history known to us as Pax Romana was a period of financial/economical and war peace throughout Rome.

Why has Hurricane Katrina been called the worst natural disaster in US history and the worst response to a disaster in US history?

Because Hurricane Katrina killed many many lives and was the costliest Hurricane in the us history.

What is is the worst epidemic in us history?

The Swine Flu of leukemia

Where was the worst ever thunderstorm in recorded US history?


What was The worst thing the US did in its history?

Slavery and 9/11

What was the worst defeat in us history?

The Vietnam war, for sure

What was the worst explosion in US history?

Texas City, TX

What is the worst electrical blackout in US History Happened in this Year?


Worst battle in us naval history?

The Battle of Savo Island.

The stock market crash triggered the beginning of the Great Depression the worst economic crisis in US history Which factor did not contribute to the crash?

too many ordinary people owning stock

What happened in us History in the 1930's?

The major event in the US during the 1930's was the crushing Great Depression. Most of this decade saw an unemployment rate of 25% or more. Banks had to close and many companies simply went out of business. It was, and is the worst economic disaster in US history.

What is reconstruction period of us history?

it was the period after the civil war when we were rebuilding our country

The event that ended the long period of economic expansion in the US was?

a recession

The event that ended the long period of economic expansion in the US was .?

a recession

What was the worst major event in US history?

Either 911 or the titanic sinking

What was the worst Avalanche that ever happened in us history?

in 1975 mount Everest

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