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The word for Young Ducks has how many consonants?" The word for Young Ducks has how many consonants?"


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How many consonants are in the word help

There are 10 consonants in the word psychotherapy.

After 'a' in the word 'path', there are two consonants. These consonants are 't' and 'h'.

The consonants in the word 'adventure' are: d, v, n, t, r (5 consonants).

There are six consonants in EVERYWHERE, they are: vrywhr

Transplant has many consonants, but all the word is not cover by this, it has vowels too. This word has eight consonants and two vowels.

The consonants in the word Punjabi are p, n, j and b. There are 4.

There is no word that can consist of 7 consonants and only have 3 letters. Consonants are letters.

The word consonant comes from a Latin word meaning "sounding-together." Consonants can only be pronounced with a vowel.

The word contains six vowels and seven consonants. There is one more vowel than consonant.

5 or 6. It depends on whether or not you want to count "y" as a vowel. If you do, there are 5 consonants.

independent = ieee, 4 vowels, and ndpndnt, 7 consonants, therefore there are three fewer vowels than consonants.

Arena is a five letter word with 2 consonants.

Vowels and consonants are letters, not words. In the word "pick", the letter "i" is a vowel and the other three letters are consonants.

The word Hindi has three consonants (h, n, d).If this does not answer the intended question, try another question.

Four. (Counting y as a vowel.)

The word has four letters. All except "a" are consonants, or 3 out of 4. That means that 3/4 of the letters in that word are consonants.

The word "fifteen" has three different consonants: f, t, n.

6 consonants, 5 vowels. There is 1 more consonant than vowel.

There are 1 Cs, 1 S, 2 Ns, and 3 Ts for a total of 7 consonants in the word, 'Constitution'.

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