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He was the first president to pursue conservation issues seriously. Among his achievements, he set aside 230 million acres of land for protection of one type or another, including 150 national forests, 5 national parks, 18 national monument, 51 federal bird refuges, and hosted the conservation conferences to promote conservation goals among the states.

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establishing the first national forest reserves.

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Q: Theodore Roosevelt became the first conservaion president by?
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How did Theodore roosevelt become president in 1901?

Theodore Roosevelt became President in 1901 when President William McKinley was assassinated that year. Roosevelt became the 26th President of the United States.

Who became president when William mckinely died in office?

Vice President Theodore Roosevelt was sworn in as President after McKinley died. Teddy Roosevelt then became the 26th President of the U.S.Theodore RooseveltTheodore Roosevelt

Who became president when Roosevelt was assassinated?

NEITHER Roosevelt President, Theodore or Franklin, was assassinated.

Who became President with the assassination of McKinley?

Theodore Roosevelt.

Who was a rough rider and became president?

Theodore Roosevelt

What vice president became president after McKinley's death?

Theodore Roosevelt

What happened that led Theodore Roosevelt to become president?

Theodore Roosevelt was elected Vice President for President William McKinley in 1900. When McKinley was assassinated in September of 1901, Roosevelt became President

President whose death propelled Theodore Roosevelt into office?

Theodore Roosevelt became the 26th president when William McKinley was assassinated in 1901.

What was going on in the US when Theodore Roosevelt served as president?

when Theodore Roosevelt became President the great depression happen.

What party did Theodore After McKinley was assassinated Roosevelt became the youngest president in American history. How old was he?

Theodore Roosevelt was a Republican. He was 42 when McKinley was assassinated and TR became President.

Who became president after the assassination of mcKinely?

It was Theodore Roosevelt the successor.

How old was Roosevelt when he became president?

When Theodore Roosevelt became president he was only 42 years old he was the youngest president so far.56