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Only the month of February has 28 days, and in leap years it has 29.

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Q: There are twelve months in a year how many months have twenty eight days?
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7 months of the year you have thirty-one days how may have twenty-eight days?

All months have twenty-eight days.Only February has only twenty-eight days.

How many months have twenty eight days in it all together?

Only February has twenty eight days in it and twenty nine in each leap year. so one is the answer.

In your calendar some months have thirty days and some months have thirty one days how many months have twenty eight days?

12 Months

Which month has 29 days?

All twelve months have twenty-nine days, even February--every four years.

If 7 months of the year have thirty-one days how many have twenty-eight?

All of them

How many months only have twenty eight days?

12 months have 28 days. The only one that has a max of 28 days is February, except in leap years.

How many months in a year have twenty-eight days?

Only one called February They all do

How many hours does oil rig workers work?

Twelve hours a day, seven days a week for however long their hitch is the normal working hours. Some work fourteen days on and fourteen days off. Some work twenty one days on and twenty one days off. While some work twenty eight days on and twenty eight days off.

How many months during this year can have twenty eight days?

2016 is a leap year, so there are no months of 28 days. In non-leap years, February has 28 days.

How many months have twenty-eight days in them?

All of them have 28 days in them, of course! Some have a few more, but they all have at least 28 days in them.

Some months have thirty-one days some have thirty days How many months have only twenty-eight days?

1, and it's February, but only during a leap year

Which month has twenty-eight days?

all of them.....some have more but they all have twenty eight

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