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Bad fan or something jammed into it?

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How cold is the air coming out of the vents when the air is on?

It's somewhat cold. It's just very little cold air coming out. Can't hear the vent blow the air as well.

What is the buzz?

Buzz is just something google created for gmail

When your 1997 skylark is running there is a steady stream of coolant coming out the bottom but when its off its just a drip any suggestions?

Water Pump

When coming off of methadone cold turkey can it kill you?

Coming off methadone is gnerally accepted to be safe, just very very hard.

What is the reason that buzz is called buzz in the ruby redfort book?

its just a nick name for her

What hair cut does Sama Blake have?

its just a regular side buzz but he did is a full buzz

How do you get Gmail buzz?

It comes with your account just click the thing that says buzz on the side of your inbox

Why havent i got heat coming from my electric fire its just blowing cold air?

Obviously it is broken.

When does buzz finally reliaze he is just a toy in Toy Story?

Buzz finally realizes he's just a toy when he fails at an attempt to fly out of a window in Sid's house after watching a Buzz Lightyear commercial.

Why do bugs buzz?

The buzz that you hear is the bugs wings vibrating when it flies. Or because they just want to annoy you!:)

Do cigarettes give a better buzz than cigars?

Cigarettes have more chemicals in them so the buzz is much more artificial. The buzz from cigars is just tobacco (nicotine), so cigars have a better buzz.

Is buzz lightyear real?

No, just a character.

Is Google Buzz better than Twitter?

They are very different websites Google Buzz is just for you and your friends, whereas twitter is for the world to see and you can follow famous people easily, but google buzz works much better with just your friends. Google buzz is also much safer.

What is the abbreviation of Suggestions?

There's not an abbreviation for suggestions, maybe you can just write suggestions inside of abbreviating it. i seached an A-Z list of abbreviations & an abbreviation for suggestions wasn't on there because everything cannot be abbreviated.

Do thay buzz like beesDo hornets buzz like bees?

Yes. in fact a hornet is just a wild bee.

Where does Buzz Light year get his power?

Buzz lightyear does not have powers just what is in his suit he was well trained and uses his wit and heart.

Did Buzz Aldrin or Edwin Aldrin go to the moon with Neil Armstrong?

Edwin Aldrin and Buzz Aldrin are the same person. "Buzz" was just a nickname. He did walk on the Moon with Neil Armstrong.

Seriously the inside of the mouth on the gums and roof and tongue always feel raw and cold No sores no redness just feels raw and cold Any suggestions?

mine always is like that too... more-so after i eat certain foods... i just deal with it... i like to tongue it, it's entertaining :D

What are buzz lightyears powers?

buzz light year doesn't have powers.he just thinks the fake toy laser button on his right arm can laser but it can' can just light.

How do you prevent a cold sore outbreak?

If you suffer from bad cold sore outbreaks, your doctor can prescribe you an antiviral medication called Valtrax. You will take it as soon as you feel the tingle of the cold sore coming on, or as your doctor directs you. If your outbreaks are infrequent or not too severe, just eat beans as soon as you feel a cold sore coming on. They have a chemical that can reduce the outbreak. Also, there are several over the counter medications for cold sores.

Can you just Google it?

Yes, but no suggestions will come up

Who do bees buzz?

Bees actually don't buzz, it's just that their wings flap so fast that they produce a buzzing sound.

Do you have to blow hard to play a trumpet?

no you just have to buzz your lips.

Can taking GABApentin and Percocet give you a buzz?

No. It will just kill you.

You have a 1996 Nissan primera with new batteries will not start in the cold morning but will do when it is warmer and local dealer finds no problem.any suggestions?