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There is this guy that I like and he asked me out what do I do?


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2008-03-11 20:38:43
2008-03-11 20:38:43

Well from my perspective,if you think that he's a good,charming guy,then yeah,you should date him.But if he is a flirt and likes to flirt with other girls,then no.

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As a guy myself, I would say yes, if he asked you if you miss him.

Tell the guy you asked out that your sorry but you like someone else.

Ask him out.Guys love to be asked out.This is coming from a guy.

if a girl asked this just ditch him and hook up with me. if a guy asked this then go die in a well

If the guy that asked hoo do u like and he says waters that kinda means he likes u or if that guy asks u hoo u like and he says waterer and u ask the guy out it cud mean that the guy asked u he cud hate the guy u asked out

i really like this guy named (blah blah bla) and he asked me out so i want to date him and if they so no do it anyway

depends if you like him or not if not say no if yes sy yes

well first decide if you like to depend on how you response.......my opinion

sorry it is me again this is my 1st time on Answers.com So there this guy at my school that I like and I was thinking he liked me to but when I asked him out he said "no sorry" we are friends. Is it cos I asked him out on his birthday and on Facebook or he just didn't like me like that

You should go out with the guy who has asked you first.

Just tell him that you were kidding and walk away.

He is not a very nice guy if he was "practicing" on you. You should avoid him.

As a guy i would tell them because honesty is the best policy, and if he asked that then he obviously likes you, and he will be scared away if you say no

You have to tell him that you like him, and if he does like you he will ask you to the dance. Chances are that if he does like you and knows that you like him, he will ask you.

I asked my friend to ask the guy if he knew that i like him. that worked and we went out forever.

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