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Banana skin

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Q: Things to use to simulate a vagina?
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What can be used to simulate a vagina?

Anything. Just lube up really well!

Can a cucumber be used sexually?

Yes, a cucumber can be inserted into the vagina or anus and/or to simulate a penis.

How could you use simulate in a sentence?

I wouldn't want to simulate an unworthy example.

How do you use the word simulate in the sentence?

Geoffrey likes to simulate having sex by fapping.

How do you use simulate in a sentence?

"The young actress wore a grey wig to simulate an old woman." "Military training exercises are used to simulate actual warfare." "You can simulate the effect of gravity with a spinning centrifuge."

What houshold things can you use to make a vagina out of for horny men?

clay and .....hollowed out melons.

How can you use simulate in a sentence?

Our class has been invited by NASA to come to Houston to watch them simulate the docking of a spacecraft.

What human function or task does the exploratory robot simulate?

many things

What is the use of technology in physics?

Computers can simulate physics.

Cuts on my vagina what is it from?

Cuts on your vagina can be from many things such as ' shaving the inside of your clit,or many other things.

What does it feel when someone licks your vagina?

Generally, it feels good but not everybody feels this way. It depends on the technique and people involved. If you do a 3-60 its even nicer. You can simulate it by getting a wet towel and stroking your vagina with it.

What can you use to simulate a vagina without buying anything off the internet?

I found that it is not always how thick the tool is, but how fast you move it and far up you push it. Everyone is different though. You can use highlighters, extra large sharpies, toothbrushes, bananas (they are not comfortable for some people)

Is there a way to simulate sex and not just a vagina?

yes, using tools or toys (remote, finger, or another circular objects that are small enough to be inserted

How do you put something in your vagina?

Depends on what your inserting, but at the bottom of the vagina you can insert things.

What 3 things that make the Metropolitan museum special?

Vagina,Vagina,and Pizza!!!!!!

What words do you use instead of 'vagina'?


What part of speech is simulate?

Simulate is a verb.

What happens if you stick objects up your vagina?

Normally Nothing, except pleasure and an orgasm. But only use things that can not break or that can cut you. And also use K-Y or Baby oil (both are lubricants) so that the object will not get stuck in your vagina.

What kind of machines are astronauts trained on to simulate being in space?

They use centrifical force machines to duplicate high G-forces. They train underwater to simulate weightlessness.

What would you use to simulate a fast flowing lava volcano?

orange juice

Can you use a 250watt Red Heat Bulb to simulate indoor sun at night?


Why would you use a centrifuge?

They are used in pilot training to simulate g-forces.

What is role of computers in research?

Mostly simulating things we cannot simulate in labs, and storing and computing data.

How do you use vagina in a sentence?

I masturbating my anal and vagina everyday to get bigger as hole.

What is an example of a sentence using the word simulate?

If I hit you. It will simulate pain receptors in your body.