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Think your rabbit is going to have her litter tonight?

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Litter training rabbits?

If your looking to litter train a rabbit, start by looking at where your rabbit is going to the toilet mainly. Put a litter tray in that place. If your rabbit it going to the toilet in a place you do not want it to, put vinegar there, and this should stop your rabbit messing where you dont want it to. If your rabbit still insists on not using it's litter tray, buy some cat litter and put it into the litter tray, this encourages the rabbit to wee there, as soon as your rabbit is weeing in it's litter tray, take away the cat litter. If your rabbit changes back to a place where you dont want it to wee, put the cat litter back. Keep doing this until your rabbit gets the hang of it!

How do you teach a rabbit to use the litter box while sharing with another rabbit?

You may not be able to get your rabbits to share a litter box. Try training it the same way you did the other rabbit. It is against their nature to potty in the same area. They establish their territory by going to the bathroom in specific places.

How do you litter train your rabbit?

Rabbits usually use the same corner to go to the bathroom. You should first observe which corner this is. Then put a litter material (newspaper, small animal litter, non-clumping kitty litter, or something similar) in the litterbox. Using fancy litters with chlorophyll crystals etc. may encourage the rabbit to eat the litter, so you should avoid those types of litter. Each time the rabbit goes in the box, you should give it a small treat (a very small piece of fruit or vegetable). This will teach the rabbit that going to the bathroom in the litter box is a good thing. You should also be sure to keep the litterbox emptied, or the rabbit will not want to go in it anymore. Eventually, the rabbit will learn that the litterbox is its friend. Some rabbits will learn it quickly; others never will. The key is to stay diligent in cleaning the litterbox and rewarding the rabbit.

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I am going to the movies tonight. Tonight i want to do something fun. I would like to take you out tonight. Tonight is a beautiful night. .. its really easy if you actually think.

Is Selena Gomez going to Paris tonight?

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Can you keep a male rabbit with a female rabbit and her litter?

NO do not keep the a male rabbit or the father in with the litter. He will kill them thinking they are going to try to his mate(s). I know this from personell experience. Bucks MAY stomp a litter but it is more likely that the excited doe will stomp her own litter trying to protect it. She gets over protective and nervous and can stomp her own litter when predators are in the area as well as, loud noises and strangers. Every rabbit should have it's own cage.

What is the main difference between a false pregnancy and a normal one in rabbit if you don't know how to palpate?

The main difference is a pregnant rabbit will soon have a litter of baby rabbits; a rabbit going through a false pregnancy won't. Consider spaying your rabbit for the behavioural, health, and social benefits. See the link below for details.

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The Lakers will not win tonight and they will get crushed by the Celtics even though the Celtics do not have Kendrick Perkins.

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How do you potty train a rabbit or guinea pig?

Well, for a Guinea Pig, you can buy those little litter boxes, and put it in the corner of the cage the Guinea Pig uses the most (may require some observations). But don't just expect it to start and use it. You have to pick up all of the Pigs' waste, and put it in the litter box. This will make your pig want to use it. If you keep doing that constantly, the Guinea Pig should get used to it, and you wouldn't have to do it anymore. You do the same thing with a rabbit :) Oh, and if you think the pig or rabbit is going to have an accident, then pick them up real fast, and put them in the box, making them used to the going in the box.. Hope this helps :D

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Why does a baby rabbit look like a rabbit?

It's a rabbit, just younger. Of course it's going to look like a rabbit.

Can you use rabbit manure straight from rabbit?

As What? If it is for plants you're going to need a lot of rabbit droppings.

Its going to be a good sleep for me tonight is a correct grammar?

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