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This boy stares at you constantly but he doesnt look away?

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It mean's He Has a Huge crush on you or he thinks your weird. I Rekon He has a Crush on you!!

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he must either be facinated with you or trying to figure you out or really likes yoy and in very extremely rare and very uncommon cases this could be a petite mal seizure.

Well. sometimes it can happen if he stares at you , and you look at him when he stares he might look away because he can be shy

it means he likes you! he looks at you only because he wishes you were his! you mess up and you look at him he looks away!

It means that guy doesn't want to talk with that person who he's looking at. He's angry with that person.

If he stares, and quickly looks away when he looks at you, then yes. If he just stares, and stares, and stares and doesn't even flinch when you look at him, then no.

It probably means that he likes you and he want's you to notice him. You should maybe try to talk to him and see if he is someone you would like to get to know.

most of the time he could also be staring at you because he is freaked out at how you look and cant look away

She constantly stares at you. You catch her talking about you positivly. She flirts. If she's shy, she'll look down if you walk by her.

if she doesn't look at you but stares at you and then when you look back she looks away and she has a glint in her eyes that means she likes you

Stare at he until she stares at you and then quickly look away.

it doesnt really mean anything.... he is just being polite.... du u get me??...

Well if he seems to always want to be by you or wants to talk to you he likes you or if he constantly stares at you like look look sometimes he will not act like like it so good luck

When a girl turns when your looking at her but stares when your not looking means she does like you. The girl is just a little shy.

She stares at you alot. She looks away when you look at her. She blushes when she talks to you or hears you name.

This could possibly mean that she is interested in you. Im a girl and I do the same exact thing, I look a this guy I like alot and then once he see's me I immediatley look away. It's a reflex girls and guys do unless there confident. You should keep glancing at her and observe if she looks at you. If you see that she constantly stares at you and then looks away once you see her, that could mean that she likes you and she's interested.

He's either not embarrassed to see you staring or just creepy.

He thinks you are ugly, or there is another option, which is he has dirty mental images involving you.

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