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The Blues Brothers

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Q: This film holds the world record for most cars crashed?
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This film held the world record for number of cars crashed in a film?

The Blues Brothers destroyed 103 carsbutThe Junkman (1982) holds the Guinness World Record for most vehicles destroyed, more than 150 cars crash in the movie

How many cars does the birdman have?

Bryan Baby Williams, currently holds the world record, for the quantity of his car collection car collection.

Who holds the record for the fastest lap at Bathurst in V8 Super Cars?

Greg Murphy holds the qualifying lap record of 2 minutes 06.8594 seconds

Why deers are crashed by cars?

deers get crashed by cars because some roads are right neer the forest

Which movie holds the record for crashing police cars?

The Blues Brothers once held the record for crashing the most police cars in a movie at approximately 30. The record was eventually broken by Blues Brothers 2000.......suebe

Who holds the record for the fastest land powered vehicle on land?

street legal or like rocket cars (land speed record cars) Not sure on the illegal ones but legal is the mclaren f1 (not f1 lm)

What is the plural word for the?

The word 'the' has no plural. The word 'the' is a definite article, used to indicate that the noun that follows it is a specific person or thing. When more than one person or thing is spoken of, either no article or adjective is used (The car crashed. to Cars crashed.); the plural demonstrative pronouns are used (These cars... or Those cars...); or a possessive noun or pronoun is used (Their cars crashed. or Joe and Jane's cars crashed.)

What is the record for men lifting cars?

There are many "strongest man" competitions that involve lifting cars. For example, Mark Anglesea is in the Guinness Book of World Records for lifting a car 580 times in 1 hour. Glenn Ross holds a Strongman record for lifting a 1400 kg BMW car for 76 seconds.

Can solar power a car?

yes there are some solar cars like SunSwift solar car eVe, which holds an FIA world record and in 2015 will be Australia's first road legal solar car

Where can one find images of crashed cars?

One can find images of crashed cars on stock photography websites such as Flickr, Comstock, Getty Images and iStockphoto. One can also find images of crashed cars in automotive magazines, including Motor Trend, or Car and Driver.

If a car has been crashed does it show on the logbook?

Log book for cars? They do not have them for cars. Planes do.

What crashed in the Wall Street Crash?

20 cars explosions