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Q: This is any material made from fibers or yarns?
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How would you define a textiles?

textile - originally, a woven fabric; now applied generally to any one of the following: (1) staple fibers and filaments suitable for conversion to or use as yarns, or for the Preparation of woven, knit, of nonwoven fabrics. (2) yarns made from natural or manufactured fibers. (3) fabrics and other manufactured products made with fibers as defined above from yarns. (4) garments and other articles fabricated from fibers, yarns, or fabrics when products retain the characteristics flexibility and drape of the original fabrics.this definition from the Academy of Textiles and Flooring Floorcovering Dictionary

What is melange fleece?

Melange is a property of yarn (thread) being used to make a specific fabric, either knitted (for example fleece, jersey or pique) or woven (for example linen, shirting etc). Yarns having this property are made of dyed fibers i.e. fibers are dyed in various colors, mixed and then twisted into yarns. Any fabrics made of such yarns are melange fabrics, either woven or knitted. Therefore, any fleece made of melange yarn(s) is a melange fleece. Common examples are knitted hood shirts available in "Heather Grey" color.

What specialty yarns are available at JoAnn Fabrics?

JoAnn Fabrics offers a variety of special yarns. JoAnn Fabrics offers special yarns such as Eco-Friendly, Ribbon yarn, and Organic yarns that can be suitable for any projects.

What is the recaro car seat made out of?

"The recaro car seat is made of synthetic fibers (i.e. plastics and polyester fibers) and is made to look like genuine leather. However, the recaro car seat is manufactured in China and is not made of real leather or any natural fibers."

How do you calculate weight of duct of 4 meter length and 4250 diameter?

You cannot without any knowledge of the density of the material that it is made from.You cannot without any knowledge of the density of the material that it is made from.You cannot without any knowledge of the density of the material that it is made from.You cannot without any knowledge of the density of the material that it is made from.

What do you think paper is made of?

Paper is made of plant fibers. Most comes from wood, but cotton and linen are other common ingredients. Any plant with long fibers can be used.

Any tissue made of cells or fibers that contract and expand to cause movement is an?


What material is uranium made from?

Uranium is not made of any material because Uranium is an element and elements are not made of something else.

Are all curtains made of lace?

No. They can be made of any material including leather.

Is soil is made from rock and organic material?

Soil is not fabricated...nor is any organic material.

Any material made of two or more substances?

A compound.

Are lawyer briefcases only made of leather?

Lawyer briefcases can be made out of almost any material that a standard briefcase is made out of, not just purely the leather material .

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