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Threats to ecosystem?

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ilegal logging

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Discuss the main threats to the ecosystem?

One of the main threats to the ecosystem is the presence of humans. Human intervention in areas can have a devastating impact on the ecosystem.

What are ecological threats?

It is a inbalance in the ecosystem

What are some of the threats to the ocean ecosystem?

to litter

What are the 2 example of man made threats to ecosystem?

[1] waste water ecosystem [2]air craft ecosystem

Advantages and disadvantages of ecosystem?

define ecological threats

What are the threats to the agriculture ecosystem?

the people that inhabit the earth

What are the threats to Eastern Europe's marine ecosystem?

tourism, illegal fishing, and eutrophication

Why are the Galapagos Islands important to the ecosystem?

because of the unique and diverse range of animals, plants and insects that live on the island in a delicate ecosystem that has many threats

What are threats to freshwater ecosystems?

Some of the biggest threats to freshwater ecosystems are habitat destruction, which is common for every ecosystem, all variations of water pollution, and invasive species.

What are some of the threats to a corals' ecosystem?

Addressing the major threats to biodiversity, including those arising from invasive alien species, climate change, pollution, and habitat change

What are the soft bottom ecosystem threats?

Soft bottom ecosystems are threatened by storm runoff and sewage treatment.

Main threats to the ecosystem?

The main threat in the ecosystem is the habitat destruction of land. There is also a threat in the rivers because many people built canals and as a result the water in the rivers drained.

What are the threats of technology to mankind?

Pollution, no trees, and ecosystem are some problems mankind will have. Also people will think less deeply.

What are threats to fundamental principles of ethical behaviour?

Self interest threats are one threat to the fundamental principles of ethical behavior. Other threats are advocacy threats, familiarity threats, and self review threats.

could threats to data security may be direct threats to the database?

threats to data security may be _____ threats to the database ?

Threats to a freshwater biome?

what are threats to freshwater biomes what are threats to freshwater biomes

What are the environmental threats to the desert ecosystem?

- pollution - too little water can lead to animals dynig since they can only live for a certain period of time. - acid rain can kill plants and animals. - humans buildig on desert land killing their ecosystem chain. - Global Warming. - your welcome

What are parrots threats?

What is a parro's threats

What are some threats in the rainforest?

there is no threats in the rainforest

Are there any enviromental threats towards sperm whales?

Yes there are environmental threats and it is from polution. They do have 2 or 3 more threats but they are man related threats.

What are the 9 types of ecosystem?

Forest ecosystemmarginal ecosystemagricultural ecosystemurban ecosystemfreshwater ecosystemmangrove ecosystemseagrass ecosystemcoral reefs ecosystemsoft-bottom ecosystemfor pictures ask tsike

What are threats to the Komodo dragon?

poachers are threats to komodos

Threats to the rainforest?

the threats to the rainforest is when the earth shakes

What are the threats of a bearded dragon?

what is the bearded dragons threats

Are there any threats to the wetlands?

yes there is threats to the wetlands

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