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There are two types of schools offering online degrees: bricks-and-morter schools with an online component, and online schools only. A full list of bricks-and-morter schools can be found here, and a full list of online-only schools can be found here

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Q: Through which schools can I take an online electrical course?
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Can aspiring electricians take any electrical course requirements online?

Electrical courses that meet most state requirements are available online. has a complete listing of all online schools that offer electrical courses.

Where may I find electrical training courses online? offers online course in electrical courses, and they are accredited. This course will allow you to have more knowledge in home improvement.

What college course do you take for architecural engineering?

You would major in architecture. The school will give you the curriculum layout, or your can obtain one online through the schools online catalog.

Can you take online electrical courses and get a license?

No you need to take a regular class to get an electrical course license although in some cases you might be able to take a course online and get a license.

Where online can I find classes about nutrition?

Nutritional courses are often in the health or medical field. Course can often be found through specialty schools.

Are online cooking schools cheaper than traditional schools?

Yes , online cooking schools are cheaper than traditional schools. You can go through this website : for best online schools for French cooking.

Where do I go for an online high school class?

There are many online schools offering high school courses these days, including this one: There are also schools specific to your state and sometimes your high school may recommend you take a course through one of these. Your guidance counselor should be able to help you find an online course that will meet your schools requirements and is likely your best source for information.

What online agency offers the bankruptcy course?

Many schools and banks will offer help for those in need. You can find one through a local bank.

Are accredited online schools as credible as traditional schools?

"Accredited online schools are as credible as traditional schools. This was not always true, but now through the convenience of internet online schools have proved their crediblity. You must however do your research to verify that the online school is accredited."

Is it possible to obtain an electrical installation certificate online?

The University of Phoenix offers a course where you can get an electrical installation certificate.

How can I get through the online traffic school?

There are many online traffic schools that can offer you cheap prices. You can ask friends or relatives who have taken an online course to compare different prices. Here is a website that offers online courses

Is there a website for online schools in Texas?

Yes there is a website for information about online schools in Texas, however I am not sure if you can apply through that website or whether it will refer you to another through a link.

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