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NOT Justice League of America

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What actors and actresses appeared in Technological Science - 2007?

The cast of Technological Science - 2007 includes: Marcus Hauer as A Justin LaForge as B Eric Tsou as C

What actors and actresses appeared in Hierarchy - 2013?

The cast of Hierarchy - 2013 includes: Landon Doak as Friend Leonard Mario Zgrablic as Brother Alex Ozerov as Eric David Renegar as Grandfather Isai Rivera Blas as Jerome Kalvin Taro as Jimmy

What actors and actresses appeared in The Hierarchy - 2012?

The cast of The Hierarchy - 2012 includes: Rutanya Alda as Aunt Ariel Michelle Cutolo as Marissa Harper Megan Hartig as Marti Cooper Catherine Mary Stewart as Regina Fletcher Elizabeth Venezia as Morgan Braxton

In what field are the latest medical inventions?

In most medical fields scientists are constantly introducing new developments . It is probably in the field of Radiology and Imaging where most technological inventions have appeared in the latest years, but from laboratory technologies up to nuclear medicine, all large and small branches of medicine are constantly evolving in technology and systems.

How does evolution affect technological systems?

Cough Cough, I had to answer the question I asked....First Answer by me:Evolution affects technological systems in an assortment of ways. It has made technological systems more portable, easier to use, and contain more memory. The technological systems of today have many uses ranging from typing up document to entertainment. Technology is used by many humans, and without it, we wouldn't be where we are today.The portability and ease of use of technology has dramatically improved in the last decade. Take phones, for example. When the first phones appeared, they were the size of a picture frame and were not portable; they were a real hassle to use. Today, phones can fit in the palm of your hand, and you can take them almost anywhere. When the first technological systems appeared, they didn't please humans too much all because of their portability and ease of use being so low. Over a few decades, technological systems evolved to be more portable, decreasing in weight and size but still able to do the same thing. Technological systems that were too hard to use, too heavy, or too big were not chosen by humans, and were usually discarded.Memory capacity has rapidly expanded to be really massive. The demand for greater memory capacity in technological systems by humans increased as they obtained more data to store. For example, the first computer stored around 3,000 bits, and today, there are 858,993,459,200 bits in your average computer, that's around 286 million times more space! Over time, technological systems have developed more efficient ways of storing data, so that their size and weight aren't affected that much by how much they can store. Technological systems with more data space and a larger size and weight, and technological systems with less data space and a smaller size and weight were cast-off more often than technological systems with a lot of memory, but a smaller weight and size.To sum it all up, I think that evolution has caused technological systems to adapt to human needs, and, overtime, become really different devices. Portability, ease-of-use, and memory storage were key elements of the adaption and evolution of technology. Without evolution, technological systems and organisms wouldn't have changed over time to become what they are today. Every organism would be a cell, each cell exactly the same. Technological systems wouldn't even exist. Without evolution, there is no biodiversity.Another Answer by me on the same question:Evolution has affected our technological systems many times. It has helped us develop our modern technology and has also affected global life in immense ways. Without evolution, we would have never developed the technology we have today. The human brain has evolved both creativity wise and intelligence wise. If it weren't for evolution, life may have not even sustained on earth. Creatures may not have been able to adapt to the environment and therefore died off. Even if the humans survived, we wouldn't have known all about the past and that there were organisms before us. In a worst case scenario, we wouldn't have ever existed since we couldn't have evolved from 'reptilian creatures'.With evolution we were able to expand our knowledge. As the human brain progressively grew more complex, we developed amazing things. We could build almost "indestructible" homes, we discovered fire and cooked our food, and we even left the planet! The human race has done some amazing things that no other species can, all due to mutations, and natural selection, which is a part of evolution. If you look at it, you can see that evolution has almost affected everything about our technology, government, and our daily lives. Some people say that evolution is also affected by technology.Many scientists agree that technology is lowering the rate of evolution for humans. We may have evolved greatly in order to discover this technology; it may still have a negative effect on our lives. If we're not careful, we may barely evolve at all! Overall, there has been a great impact on our technology, all due to evolution. I think humans evolved faster than other species due to some natural occurrence. If we wait long enough, maybe even other animals such as the cat may become as developed as us!

Is appeared a preposition?

No, appeared is not a preposition.

Verb form or verb tense of appeared or have appeared on the show?

appeared is the past tense and past participle of the verb appear.Have appeared is the present perfect tense :I have appeared on TV many times.I appeared on a TV program last night.

When did sharks appear on Earth?

They probably appeared when fish appeared. The fish appeared in the Paleozoic Era in the Devonian Period. That's probably when they appeared.

When dinosaurs appeared?

after our ancestors, the dinosaurs appeared

How do you spell appeared?

Appeared is spelled correctly.

Who appeared first Mario or sonic?

Mario appeared first, sonic appeared in 1991 and Mario appeared on arcade game in 1981 and on gameboy in 1994.

Is the word 'appeared' a common noun?

No, the word 'appeared' is not a noun; appeared is the past participle, past tense of the verb to 'appear'. Example:verb: Bruce Willis has appeared in many action movies.

What movies have fauns appeared in?

They appeared in 'The Chronicles of Narnia'

What does apparuit mean in Latin?

It means "[he/she/it] appeared" or "has appeared".

Have any of the monsters that first appeared in the Kirby anime ever appeared in the games?

Phan Phan and other monsters that first appeared in the Kirby anime have appeared in the games

How do you use the word appeared in a sentence?

The ghost appeared in the mirror.

What is the past tense for appeared?

The past tense of appear is appeared.

Who appeared to the shepherds?

First a single angel appeared and gave them the message of the Birht of Jesus, then a host of singing angels appeared.

Which episodes has Beaker from the Muppets appeared in?

Beaker first appeared in the second season of the Muppets. Beaker has appeared in a musical performance singing Danny Boy. In 2011 Beaker appeared in a Muppets movie.

Is Luke Allen famous?

Yes. He appeared on many shows. Yes. He appeared on many shows. Yes. He appeared on many shows.

How do you say appeared in Latin?

Appareo, -ere, -ui-, itum. You asked for the perfect so... Apparui (I appeared) Apparuisti (you appeared) (AND SO ON)

Which appeared on Earth first?

what do u mean whic appeared on earth

What tv show has Chris Brown appeared on?

He appeared in "One on One."

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