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Tiger Woods caddie?

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Steve Williams.

2009-08-24 01:33:56
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Q: Tiger Woods caddie?
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Who is Tiger Woods current caddie?

Steve Williams.

Who is Tiger Woods caddie?

Steve Williams from New Zealand

Who is Tiger Woods' regular caddie?

Steve Williams.

Why did Tiger Woods fire his caddie Steve.?

Because he found out he was a Kiwi

Why does Tiger Woods caddie hate Phil Mickelson?

tiger and Phil are like rivals and Steve.

Who is the Richest golf caddie in the world?

It would have to be Tiger Woods' caddy, Steve Williams.

How much money did Tiger Woods caddie make in 2007?

$2 million dollars

Who is Tiger Woods golf caddy?

Steve Williams was his caddie , now it's Joe LaCava

What are the characters on Tiger Woods club covers?

On his driver he has a Tiger, this is obviously for himself. On his three wood he has a Kiwi, this is for his caddie Steve Williams, who is from New Zealand.

Why did Tiger Woods fire his first caddie?

There was never a definitive explanation given. It is believed they just did not see eye to eye.

Who is new zealand richest sportsman?

well if you count Tiger Woods' former caddie, Steve Williams, its him. Otherwise its Ryan Nelson the footballer

How much does Tiger Woods caddie make a year?

There is no official disclosure of this. But you could find it is at least $2 million a year. It could be even more.

Is Tiger Woods dead?

No, Tiger Woods is not dead.

Tiger Woods and 50cent who is richer?

Tiger Woods.

What does Tiger Woods do to help people?

The Tiger Woods Foundation.

What charities has Tiger Woods founded?

The Tiger Woods foundation.

Who is famous and plays golf?

How about Tiger Woods Tiger Woods

What is nationality of Tiger Woods?

tiger woods nationality is american.

Whose worse Tiger Woods or Santa?

Tiger Woods

Who is richer Tiger Woods or Oprah Winfrey?

tiger woods

What is the real name of tiger woods?

His real name is Eldrick Tont Woods. His father Earl Woods has nicknamed him Tiger. He is mostly known as Tiger Woods.

How is tiger woods the same as a tiger?

they are not the same in any way tiger woods is just a name

Was Tiger Woods born in August?

No, Tiger Woods was born in December.

Who was the highest paid athlete on 2006?

tiger woods tiger woods

Which country does Tiger Woods live in?

Tiger Woods live in the USA.