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Medicines help patients find temporary relief from pain. When patients have severe pain they may be prescribed morphine to help the feel better..

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Q: To a patients pain is to offer some temporary releif?
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To --- a patients pain is to offer some temporary relief?


What is a anesthesiologists job like on a daily basis?

Anesthesiologists care for surgical patients and pain releif.

To A patient's pain is to offer some temporary relief?


To -- a patient's pain is to offer some temporary relief?


How is Oxycontin used medically?

For releif of moderate to severe long term pain or pain in the terminally ill.

What anti inflammatory drug would be injected for quick pain releif?


How long does a dose of Oxycontin 20mg last?

Supposed to give pain releif for 12 hours.

What pain killers can you take if you have asthma?

hi my son has he is 19 years old and has asthma and i want to know what is the best pain releif he can take as he has cronic back pain

Having polio make the list for medical marijuana?

Matijuana materially reduces muscle pain from my polio. Not much help for joint pain though. It provides immidiate muscle pain releif.

What is 'Pain is temporary' when translated from English to Italia?

"Pain is temporary" in English is Il dolore è temporaneoin Italian.

How do you make period cramps go away?

Well When I Have My Period It Kills, Im In Pain All The Time But Thanks To Advil I Can Care Less About My Period But Some People Have Pain One Day Only And Some People Have Pain Untill There Periods Finish, But Advil Really works May Not Say Releif For Cramps But It Says Releif For Pains AND ITS GREAT!!

Do preeclamptic patients experience urinary incontinence?

Any pregnant female can experience (temporary) urinary incontinence and urgency. If accompanied by burning or pain, it could be from a urinary tract infection.

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