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chemistry, Biology, physics, math

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Q: To become a dentist what type of subject do you have to choose?
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Hey I have a assignment on interviewing someone in the same field that i'm trying to pursue and i want to become a dentist? can someone help me?

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What type of X-ray do dentist take when a patient comes with pain in the wisdom tooth?

The dentist will take a panoramic x-ray which shows your wisdom teeth, abscess, nerves and your jaw bone. They choose not to take a periapical x-ray because it is difficult to get the tooth in this x-ray due to its location.

Dentist salary in japan?

It is important to consider the type of pay in a career. A dentist in Japan is paid $60,000 in their first year.

What type of noun is the word 'dentist'?

The noun dentist is a singular, common, abstract noun, a word for the profession of a person; the noun dentist is a concrete noun as a word for a specific person.

Who treats patients surffering from some type of tooth infection?

A dentist can do that type of work.

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What type of education is needed to be a dentist?

Dental school Is needed.

What type of dentist do you need when your teeth are shifting forward?

An orthodontist.

What type of insurance is usually acceped by a dentist health provider?


What are the two different places where you can find a dentist?

I would think that the two best places where you can find a dentist are:The yellow pages of your city.The internet, where you can type on a search engine: "dentist + name of your city".

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