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After June 1, 2009, you will need a passport. Until then, your drivers license and original birth certificate or certified copy will suffice.

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Is an authorized birth certificate the same as a certified birth certificate?

The authorized birth certificate may refer to the Original birth certificate rather than the Copy of the Birth Certificate.

Can you go to high school without a birth certificate?

No, you have to get a copy of your birth certificate.

How do you get a new birth certificate NOT a certified copy?

In Canada, for Birth Certificate related inquiries visit the Service Canada website. A quick link is below: In the United States or other Country, visit a government website for information related to Birth Certificates.

Is their a copy of Susan B. Anthony birth certificate?

I there a copy of Susan B. Anthony's Birth Certificate? If so, can i get it?

Can you get married without a birth certificate?

You cannot get officially married without a birth certificate. If you do not have your birth certificate, you can get a copy of one from your local statistics office.

How do you obtain a birth certificate copy of a child born in Canada to Indian Parents?

You have to contact the vital records office of the province where he or she was born in.

How does a father find out if he is on the birth certificate?

Go to vital records and request a copy of birth records. Ask to see Childs school file with birth record in it. If you are not on the birth certificate, you cannot request a copy.

Do you need an original birth certificate to travel to Canada from us?

Yes. Or a certified copy. After June 1, 2009, you'll need a passport.

Where can you get a copy of your birth certificate online?

Birth certificates are usually issued by the state in which you or that person is born. You can contact the state's court clerk where you can acquire a certified copy of your own certificate, even though it is a replace birth certificate it would still be the original certified copy. In order to obtain an original copy, you must turn in an application that includes your full name, you parents full names, which they assume that you possess them, the location of birth and the purpose of your search and you'll also need the date of birth. You must also send them a copy of your legal identification that which should be updated and current.There are online services that are available today, making a birth certificate easy to acquire. You can also replace a birth certificate for a relative based on genealogy purposes; this information can be found on the web. To get copy of birth certificate ,visit the Replacement Birth Certificate web site. Good luck!

Why won't Obama submit the requested vault copy of his birth Certificate?

President Obama published a certified copy of his long form birth certificate (the vault copy) on the White House website on April 27., 2011. The State of Hawaii Obama FAQ acknowledges that what was published is a "certified copy of his original Certificate of Live Birth."

Do you need an original birth certificate or can it be a copy?

It depends on the use of the birth certificate... more details please.

How do you obtain a copy of a birth certificate for Icelandic citizen?

what is the prosses to obtain my birth certificate from iceland and have it legally translated to english

How easy is it to get a fake copy of a birth certificate?

Pretty hard

Can a new york state notary notarize a copy of birth certificate?

A Notary in New York should not notarize the Birth Certificate. If a person needs a copy, they should go to the Dept. of Vital Statistics for a copy.

What is the legal age for a teen in NC and get Birth Certificate from the clerk of court?

I think you can ask for a copy of your birth certificate at any age.

How do you get a copy of a south African birth certificate?

Register the baby at birth at a local clinic.

Is it illegal to copy birth certificates?

It do not believe it is illegal to copy birth certificates However, copies are not generally accepted when a birth certificate is requested to be presented.

Can a minor get a copy of their birth certificate?

You can get a birth certificate if you have enough evidence showing who you are. If you can bring a passport and another form of Identification that has your name and a picture then you should be able to receive your Birth Certificate with out problem

How do you get a copy of birth certificate from another country?

go to the embassy of your country of birth, they will then inform you a s to what department to write to so you can request a copy of your birth certificate, they will also inform you as to what I.D. you will need in order to obtain such a document.

What is one way you can get a copy of your birth certificate?

To get certified copy of your birth certificate (The only legal one) call the Recorder's office in the county in which you were born. They will probably ask for a certain fee to be paid them before they provide or mail you the copy.

Where do you get a copy of your New Jersey birth certificate?

If you were born in New Jersey, the State Department of Health and Senior Services- Bureau of Vital Statistics and Registrations can help you obtain a copy of a birth certificate.

Can you apply for anything on a photocopy birth certificate?

I cannot imagine anybody accepting a copy of a birth certificate for anything. Why not just show them the original ?

Where is the document number on a birth certificate located?

The document number should be on either the top left or top right corner of your birth certificate. If you do not have a copy of your birth certificate, you will have to request one from the state you were born in.

How do you get a certified copy of your birth certificate?

From the Health Dept of the city you were born.

Where can I get a copy of Jane Goodall's birth certificate?

April 3, 1934