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because with a screw you have much more area gripping the wood and cannot under normal circumstances pull it out without shredding the wood where a nail has much less area in contact with the wood and being held in by friction only can be simply pulled out without tearing or shredding the wood.

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Q: To fix 2 pieces of wood a screw is better than a nail why?
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Which holds better a nail or screw why?

A screw holds better than a nail.

What hold two pieces of wood together better a screw or a nail?

A screw has an irregular shape, and has more to stop it from falling out. Also, A screw has an advantage because it's drilled in and the spirals makes it stick in faster and doesn't take long as a nail to hammer it.So, it takes a few seconds to screw the screw in.

Why does a screw hold 2 materials better than a nail?


Why is it easier to insert a screw into wood than to insert a nail?

A screw holds wood together better than a nail because the threading of a screw provides a horizontal grip on the wood. Nails are driven down into wood and have nothing but the pressure of the wood to keep them attached, which means it is easier to pull a nail straight out of a board than a screw.

Why does a screw hold better than a nail?

because the threads hold them into place while as a nail works its way out at a point of time !

Can you nail into your concrete wall?

You can, but it is usually better to drill and screw something than to nail it. It will hold much better. You can use a power shot that shoots the nail in with a 22 cal. blank. You can use concrete nails and drive them in by hand.

What will hold two boards together better - a nail or a screw?

A screw holds wood together better than any nail because it resists being pulled out much better. A screw is also easier to remove without damage. However, screws are more expensive to make and take longer to put in, so nails are still used in a lot of timber work.

How do screws provide a better hold than nails?

Yes they do because a screw has an inclined spiral wrapping around it, which when "Screwed" into something, has a greater grip than a nail

Why it is better to use a screw than a nail in holding objects together?

nails can slip, under too much force. But screws are in a 'screw shape' lol. so can withstand alot of pressure/ force.

Why does a screw work better for wood?

Screws are a more secure fastening than nails because the only barrier to removing a nail is the friction of the sides of the nail against the wood, so it can be pulled loose by a simple torsion force. A screw, however, has threads, so a torsion force cannot remove a screw without destroying part of the wood in the process.

Why does a Screw takes less forces to move into wood than a nail?

a screw possesses both rotational kinetic energy and translational kinetic energy while a nail possesses only translational kinetic energy as it moves through the piece of wood hence the screw moves faster since its motion is backed by more energy than the nail.

What is the used of driver?

A screw driver is more high-tech than a regular nail driver or hammer. A screw is a more holding tool than a nail. It has metal ridges around it to hold it in place. A screwdriver is used for putting a screw in an area to fastening to objects and/or parts together