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Engaged itself in a number of wars. [NovaNet] :) <3

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Is Sweden a democratic nation?

Yes, Sweden is a democratic nation.

Is a democratic government ever justified in using non democratic means to protect itself and ensure its survival?

All nations attempt to justify whatever it takes to protect the nation and ensure survival. That is just true about nations. But democratic governments have the added responsibility of doing so in the open and justifying their actions to the people. That it is the people who are important is what makes a democracy a democracy. In a democracy the government is not the nation, the people are the nation.

What is the motto of Sri Lanka Civil Security Force?

Sri Lanka Civil Security Force's motto is 'Protect the Nation with self Sacrifice'.

Did congress pass the alien and sedition acts in an effort to protect the security of the nation?

The Federalists responded with the strict laws to protect the nation's security. In 1798 they passed a group of measures known as the Alien and Sedition Acts.

Why is the Bahamas considered a democratic nation?

the bahamas is considerd a democratic nation because we have freedom of speech

What limits should be placed on National Security?

protecting the people of the nation. The military protectst the nations "interests" while National Security is to protect the people and the well being of the country.

What is a democratic nation?

where the people choose!!

How do you put nation in a sentence?

I will protect my nation

When and to what extent is it acceptable for the government to place the needs of the nation over the rights of the individual?

In cases where there is a breach in national security, it is acceptable for the government to place the needs of a nation over the rights of an individual. The government is trying to protect the national security of the United States all the time.

How did the Australian Government become a democratic nation?

Australia, as a country, has been a democratic nation since it creation in 1901. Prior to the the states were seperate (though mostly democratic) self governing colonies, in the late 1890's it was decided that the colonies will form a nation, and the constitution creates the democratic parliament.

Is Canada democratic autocratic or consensus?

The great nation of Canada has a democratic form of government.

IS UN a democratic nation?

The UN stands for united nations, not just one nation.

Why should a nation go to war?

to have power or to protect a nation

What was the democratic republic?

The Deutsche Democratic Republic (DDR) was communist East Germany, and a member of the Warsaw Pact aligned to the Soviet Union. Despite the name it was not a democratic nation. The Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) was West Germany and was the democratic nation, a member of NATO.

What nation is north of Angola?

The Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Is America pure democratic nation?

It is a representative Republic.

What kind of regime does Samoa have?

Samoa is a democratic nation.

Is Samoa democracy?

Yes, Samoa is a democratic nation.

How is cuba a non democratic country?

It is a non-democratic country because it is not a democracy.Added: It is a Communist nation. Communism is NOT a democratic form of government.

Did the formation of political parties make the nation more democratic or less democratic?

More Democratic because we get to elect the person or people we want.

What is the most authoritarian country?

According to the Democracy Index, North Korea is the least democratic country. Other countries at the bottom of the list include Chad, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. The most democratic nation is Sweden, followed by Norway, Iceland, and the Netherlands. Austria (my country) is the 14th most democratic nation while the USA is the 18th most democratic nation.

What is Taoism nation of orgin?

China and just another philosophy

What does democratic republic mean?

A nation with a constitution is a republic. A nation that elects the head of the state and representatives in the parliament to form a government is democratic. Democratic Republic is a form of government elected by the people with the constitutional head in accordance to the constitution is a Republic.

What is Internal Security Forces's motto?

The motto of Internal Security Forces is 'Security for the Nation and Civilians'.

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