To what age can you practice aikido?

Aikido has no age limit, as its founder meant it to be more a spiritual path than a martial art. Morihei Ueshiba saw his Aikido as merely the natural evolution of Bushido; Bushido in Japan's Sengoku (Warring States) period, was concerned with killing as quickly, efficiently and cold bloodedly as humanly possible, Bushdio from the 20th century onward, Ueshiba argued, should be concerned with putting the skills and meditation of martial arts towards creating better citizens. According to expert opinion that may be found in virtually any martial arts book, in order to succeed in a fight or self defense situation, an individual needs impecable fitness, in addition to a calm mind, and in addition to that competent training. A fight, is as bad a situation as you can be in, and martial arts holds the theory that you need to remain calm so that you can think. The ability to stay calm in the heat of a fight, transfers to an ability to remain calm when life gets bad, that is one of the ways in which martial arts transfer to "the real world." Aikido's aim is total inner peace due to its influences by Shinto and Zen, thus, it has no real age limit unless of course you are an old man or woman very close to death.