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If by that, you mean making you spawn with certain tools, then put them in Starter Pack.

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how tho
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Q: Tools on Roblox
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How do you put the tools in a game of roblox?

Roblox studio

How do you use studio tools on roblox?

To use studio tools you must open the Roblox Studio. To open the Roblox studio first click your computer's start menu. Then go to Programs>Roblox>Roblox studio. Now load your place and you will be able to use the tools.

What are Roblox hopperbin scripts?

Roblox hopperbin scripts are scripts that are placed in Roblox hopperbin objects. These scripts control tools such as balefire and fly tools. They are also used in group building tools such as the copy and delete tools.

How do you get a insert tool on roblox?

The ROBLOX administrators got rid of insert tools. You can no longer use them.

How do you get into explorer on roblox?

You click tools then go to view then explorer

How do you crouch Roblox?

You can crouch by going to insert tools on Roblox put in a crouch tool, and press crouch. simple?

How do you crouch on roblox?

You can crouch by going to insert tools on roblox put in a crouch tool, and press crouch. simple?

How do you start out with a tool in roblox?

Go to tools in roblox studio. Go to "Tools and Weapons". Click on any item you want, and it will ask you if you want to insert it into the starterpack. Click yes, and you will start with it.

How do you unlock the Build Tools Button on Roblox after using Roblox Studio?

you press the build button under the play button

All of the names of roblox tools?

New tools are uploaded everyday, so I cannot name them all, nor can anyone. But if you are refering to all the original tools in ROBLOX, I can help you with that... Bazooka Slingshot Ball Paintball Gun Sword Trowel

How do you get tools on roblox usong cheat engine?

You can't you little cheater

Your tolbar on Roblox is gone how do you get it back?

click in tools, at the corner of the window

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