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Totally ignore you for nothing?

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Cuz hes a jerk....and is testing you......and is not one is.

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What should you do if there is a possum?

Absolutely nothing. If you ignore it, it will ignore you.

How do you win over a girl you're dating but she is also dating other guys?

My advise for you is that you ignore her totally.. Girls doesn't like to be ignored! Try it, you have nothing to lose.

Where can you get a totally safe air soft gun?

Nothing is totally safe.

What do totally spies do?

they did nothing, nothing at all, they were all too busy dunking and playing with totally spy toys,x

What does lycanthropy have to do with Halloween?

Totally nothing!

What do Peru do to celebrated birthday?

they do nothing, they completely ignore them

Who are suicide hackers?

they will stop at nothing and will ignore consequences

What do Christmas Trees have to do with Christmas?

Totally Nothing.

What do you do when your sis screams head off for no reason?

If you're sure there's no reason, totally ignore her.

What is the best way to tell if a girls likes you?

She'll either totally ignore you or talk to you alot.

What do Jews believe about Christmas?

Nothing. By and large, they just ignore it.

What do you do if you see a possum on your porch?

Absolutely nothing. Ignore it, and it will ignore you. It's also best to keep cats and dogs away.

Is it OK to totally ignore someone who says they love you if you don't love them back?

No. Think how much they are hurting. If you are not interested, tell them! But don't just ignore them. If you tell them, you can both get on with your lives.

How important is confidentiality?

Totally! Nothing more important!

What do you do if he is being mean to you?

Nothing, just ignore it. Don't talk to him or look at him

How do rattlesnakes behave with each other?

Normally, unless mating or competing for mates, they ignore each other totally.

What should you do when your older sister is really angry with you and keeps calling you swear words and saying that she hates you?

totally ignore her.

Can a felon get a credit card?

ignore last answer yes they can your criminal history has nothing to with it

What to say when someone calls you fat?

You should say nothing and just ignore it.

How do you ignore a sociopath?

nothing related to medical terminology and very poor English

Why do scorpios ignore their crushes text?

It has nothing to do with when they were born and everything to do with the manners of the person.

Dose eagle like people?

they dont mind people they totally ignore us but if we bother them or their chicks they will hurt you badly

What to do when your ex flirts with you?

Totally ignore it. If he or she wanted to go out with you, they clearly shouldn't of ended or agreed to end the relationship. Don't get back with them.

What happens to a narcissist when you totally ignore them for good?

They will come back time and again it seems - just to see if you are still thinking about them!

What happens when you ignore a gift from a farmville neighbor?

When you ignore a farmville gift nothing realy happens it just doesnt appear in your gifts box like it was never there !