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yes, jockstraps help. Some schools require them to be worn in sports and or in gym class

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Q: Trainers should insist male players wear a jockstrap?
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Who should wear a jockstrap?

men and women

How do you wear a jockstrap and cup?

The waistband should rest on your waist and your genitals should be securely tucked into the front pouch on the jockstrap. Slide the cup into the pouch at the front of the jockstrap. The narrower end of the cup should be facing downward, with the wider end up just below the waistband.

Where should youpoint in a jockstrap?

well the penis should be on either side that is comfortable for u

What kind of jockstrap should preteens wear for basketball?

Someone playing basketball would just need a regular jockstrap, with a pouch for support. There are youth sizes available for preteens.

Sister caught wearing brothers jockstrap what should you do?

Nothing at all--it's not a big deal.

Should you wear a jockstrap while playing soccer?

Definitely - for as much running as that involves, it's important to support your genitals.

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You should try

How can you ask your parents for a jockstrap?

It should not be a problem. It is protective and required for gym class. No time to be embarassed, you should get used to wearing one if you plan on being involved in sports. If it is a problem for your parents explain that an accident could mean no grandchildren for them; though a cup is also necessary for greater protection and you need a jockstrap to hold a cup.

How often should you wash a Jockstrap?

you wash it on delicates in your washer under cold water then line dry it

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You don't wear trainers of any make with a prom dress! Your shoes should match the dress.

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