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Traits of Ares God of War?

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Angry, Untruthful, (you CANT trust him), mean.... Pretty much all bad traits. He is, in deffinition, a godly version of war.

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What are some traits of Ares the God of War?

He is a general, unpredictable, and he is fierce :)

What are Ares's powers?

Ares is the god of war.Ares is the god of war.

Ares god of agriculture?

No! Ares God of War.

Why did Ares the God of War have a shield as a weapon?

The shield is a weapon of war, and Ares is god of war.

What kind of Greek god was Ares?

ares was the god of war.

Is Ares the real God of War?

In greek mythology Ares is the real god of war

What does a helmet represent in the god ofm war Ares?

A helmet is a symbol of war as Ares was a god of war.

What powers did Ares have?

Ares was the God of WAR.

Where is ares in charge of?

Ares was the God of War.

Who is the real God of War?

Actually, Ares is the real god of war. When Kratos defeated Ares, Kratos then became the god of war.

Was Ares the God of War?

Yes, Ares was the Greek god of war. His Roman name was Mars.

Is Mars the God of War Ares?

Mars is the Roman equivalent of Ares, the Greek god of war.

When did Ares god of war die and where?

Ares god of war is immortal; thus he can not die anywhere.

What was Ares the Greek god of?

Ares was the Greek god of war. Ares is the Greek God of war. He was feared by many in Ancient Greece because of his insatiable need for war and destruction.

Was Cronus the God of War?

No; Ares was the god of war.

What planet was ares?

Ares is the same thing as Mars. Mars is the Roman god of war and Ares is the greek god of war. Ares is the forth planet from the sun.

How was Ares related to The Iliad?

The Illiad is about War: Ares is the God of War.

Why was Ares name after mars?

Mars (the Roman God of War) was based on Ares (the Greek God of War).

In Greek who is Ares?

the Greek god of war is Ares

What was the Greek god Ares' gender?

Ares was the male god of war.

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