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depends on what operating system you are using, as well as other factors

2006-08-13 15:32:00
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Transcend usb 2.0 flash drive does not get detected when it got the features of plug n play and also the redlight does not get switched on when plugged into the usb ...?

If your pen drive was USB2, and you incorrectly disconnected it (withouth using the taskbar icon), you may have damaged it. Many of those damaged pen drives still works ok if they are connected with USB 1 interface. try disabling USB2 in your bios, restart your operative system, and if still not detected your pen drive, try making OS detect new hardware or hardware changes (to crange usb2 drivers to usb1 drivers). This trick rescue many electrically broken pendrives.

Why is it Laptop HP Packard pavilion when switched on says'error detected' and switches off again Anyone got a clue?

it probably says more than just "error detected." that information and the color of the screen would help in diagnosing this

What does the trac off engine light mean in a 99 Oldsmobile Alero mean?

It means that the traction control system is disabled. You may have manually switched it off, or the parking brake may not be fully released, or there is a fault detected in the system and a scan tool will be required to learn what fault has been detected.

What does PSTN stand for?

Public Switched Telephone NetworkPublic Switched Telephone NetworkPublic Switched Telephone NetworkPublic Switched Telephone Network

When was Switched on Christmas created?

Switched on Christmas was created in 2000.

What is the ISBN of Switched book?

The ISBN of Switched - book - is 9780060871130.

Why would the check engine light be on in a suzuki sidekick It's a 1991 and just switched to 160000 miles today - do I need to worry How do I get it to turn off?

It is on because the PCM has detected a malfunction, see related questions below.

What happens when a light bulb is switched on?

when a light bulb is switched on it will blown..............

What is the past tense of not switch?

Not switched. e.g. "The light was not switched off."

Can genes be switched on and off?

Yes, genes can indeed be switched on and off.

Does your computer have to be switched on for Windows Defender to run a scan?

No, the computer doesnt have to be switched on.

What is the adverb of switched?

An adverb is a word that modifies a verb. In the case of the verb switched, an adverb example would be quickly, because it tells how something was switched.

Explain the way in which packet switched networks differ is similar to circuit switched networks?

Computer networks would be packet switched whereas a phone network would be circuit switched. Obviously packet switched are going to be alot more reliable and apparantly cheaper and less harder on the environment.

What is the warning light above the temperature gage on a 1999 ford windstar?

On a 1999 Ford Windstar : The warning light that looks like the shape of an engine is the " check engine " warning light . That means that something has been detected that is effecting the emissions of the vehicle The one that shows " O/D OFF " means that the overdrive has been switched off or if it is flashing that means that a problem has been detected

What is OD off alarm in ls sable mercury?

The O/D OFF light in your dash indicates that the OVERDRIVE on your transaxle ( transmission ) has been switched off ( you don't mention which year this is , but if the light is flashing that would indicate that a problem has been detected )

Which countries recently switched to the metric system?

Australia in the 1970's switched smoothly

What is a switched LAN?

Interconnecting a set of LANs using switches is called Switched LAN

How many pages does Switched - book - have?

Switched - book - has 199 pages.

What does O D light on ford ranger dash mean?

The O/D OFF light indicates that the overdrive on the transmission has been switched off ( that's the " top gear " of the transmission that's used on the highway / freeway ) If the Overdrive has not been switched off with the switch on the end of the gear selector lever ( P R N etcetera ) or the light is flashing , that indicates that a problem has been detected and requires repair

Where is the circuit-switched network used?

The first circuit-switched network was the telephone system.

When was Switched - book - created?

Switched - book - was created on 2007-07-24.

Is a 2001 s-10 Positive Switched or Ground Side Switched?

Mostly positive side switched but it has a couple ground side switches also such as the courtesy lights.

Why did they switch from R-12 to R134a?

Around 1993 most manufactures switched.Around 1993 most manufactures switched.

Can someone tell you what the indicator light just below the check engine light is on the dash of a 1996 Ford Probe?

On a 1996 Ford Probe : Just below and to the left of the check engine light is the ( O/D OFF light , that indicates that the Over Drive , or top gear of the automatic transaxle / transmission has been switched off ) if the Over Drive has not been switched off and the light stays on or is flashing a problem has been detected Just below and to the right of the check engine light is the air bag readiness light , if the light stays on or is flashing a problem has been detected with the Supplemental Restraint System / air bag

Types of communication networks?

Communication network can be generally viewed as Switched & Broadcast.In switched network comes Circuit & Packet Switched network.Circuit Switched Network are used by Telphone,GSM.Packet Switched network are further sub divided into Datagram & Virtual Circuit.Datagram circuit followed by Internet,IP network whereas Virtual circuit example is ATM .