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And to you, peace.

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Translate to English vuelvo a nacer?

translate to English vuelvo a nacer

What is mansanitas in English?

It doesn't translate to English according to Google Translate.

How do you translate into English Hauoli La hanau translate to English?

Happy Birthday!

Where can you translate German to English?

google translate

How can you translate English into Korean?

google translate

Can anyone Translate this from chinese to english?

translate what?

How do you translate into English naga ta ta dah translate to English?

good morning

Thank you in Japanese translate in English?

if you mean translate it (thank you) from English to Japanese then it is arigatoo

How to translate jethji and jethani from hindi to english?

How to translate jethji and jethani in english from hindi

How do you translate from marathi to English-?

You would translate from Marathi to English using a translation program like Google Translate. You could also ask a native speaker to translate for you.

What is 'Translate English into Italian' when translated from English to Italian?

"Translate English into Italian" in English is Traduca l'inglese in italiano in Italian.

What does consulenza azide dale translate into in English?

The Italian words Consulenza azide dale translate can be translated to English. In English Consulenza azide dale translate to mean 'consulting companies dale' in English.

How do I translate Korean into English I'm currently learning Korean and I can now pronounce the characters pretty well but I now can't translate it into English?

You can use a Korean-English dictionary to translate Korean into English.

Do you speak English translate in french?

no but I like to answer English to french questions using Google translate

How can you translate a English article to sinhala?

There is no fast method such as software. You have to contact a translator to translate Sinhala to English and English to Sinhala.

What does asalam walekum mean?

Asalam,is from lslam or arabic which means peace be,walekum means unto you.So it means peace be unto you.

How do you translate 'pyroplasmose' from French to English?

pyroplasmose means piroplasmosis in english. You can translate other words by going on Google Translate.

Where can one find a free online translation service that can translate English into Russian?

You can easily translate English into Russian using the free Google Translate tool. In addition to English to Russian translations, Google Translate can translate between over 70 other languages as well.

What websites can translate Dutch to English?

There are a few websites that one can use to translate Dutch to English. One can get such a service from Google Translate, Babylon and from FreeTranslation.

Can you translate story English to Tagalog?

No, I can't - but others may be able to translate "Story English" to "Tagalog".

What is a Sentence with the word translate?

Can you translate that into French, please?We will translate the manifesto into multiple languages.I will translate the book into English.

Where can you translate Samoan to English for free?

on google translate Google DOES NOT offer Samoan as a language to translate...

Did Sacajawea speak English?

Sacagawea spoke no English, but she could translate to Hidatsa to Charbonneau, who could translate to French for Francois Labiche, a member of the expedition, who could translate into English for Lewis and Clark.

Is there a website that will translate Chinese to English?

One way to translate Chinese to English is to use Google Translate. To do this, simply go to Google Translate and type what is wanted to be translated between the two languages.

Where might one go to translate words from Spanish into English?

You can translate words from Spanish to English online at the Google Translate website. Once on the page, enter in the text you want to translate from Spanish in the left box and then click "Translate."

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