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Immobilize the bird (wrap it gently in some comfortable fabric in order to reduce stress) and get it to a vet or an animal rescue expert.

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Do you have a broken leg?

No, I do not have a broken leg, i had a broken arm but not a broken leg

How does a vet treat a dogs broken leg?

Treating a broken leg on a dog can be tricky for a vet since dogs walk on four legs. The vet will put the leg in a cast and write out a prescription for pain killers. They may need to give your dog a type of wheelchair to be sure he stays off of the leg.

Do waterfowls live in Africa?

yes waterfowls live in Africa and fly threw it north,and

Can a dog die from a broken leg?

No, not if the broken leg has not broken the skin and there is no bleeding. The animal should be looked at by a vet to set the leg.

What does pierna rota?

broken leg broken=rota leg =pierna

Are waterfowls omnivores?

Yes, they are.

What did you do with a broken leg in the 1800's?

what was the precedure for a broken leg befor the 1800's what was the precedure for a broken leg befor the 1800's

Can you fly on a plane with a broken leg?

You cannot pilot a plane with a broken leg, because you have to press the rudder peddals, but yes, you can fly on a plane with a broken leg.

How do you mend a broken leg?

If a leg is broken, it will need a cast and medical condition. After the cast is put on, the leg will have to heal for weeks.

How much does a broken leg cost?

The medical cost for a broken leg can run as high as $1,000. A broken leg can take six to eight weeks to fully heal.

How do you treat a hamster's broken leg?

A broken leg is serious. It is best treated by a vet. It's like treating your own broken leg - you can do it, but it is best left to a physician. Your hampster feels much the same way you do about a broken leg. Please call a vet. If it's a financial issue, ask up front about plans or the ability of the practice to "work with you" to get the problem resolved. In some cases, animals like this (the small and relatively "inexpensive" critters) are put down if something this serious happens. Sad, but a lesson in reality + economics. Good luck.

What helps a person with a broken leg walk?

Some crutches help a person with a broken leg walk.

How should you elevate the casualties lower extremities leg and feet when treating for shock?

elevate the casualties lower extremities leg and feet about 8 - 12 inches when treating for shock.

How do you know if the leg is sprained or broken on a hamster if Its dragging the leg but eating and moving?

It probly has a broken leg take it to a vet or it may be sad or depressed

1800s how to cure a broken leg?

A broken leg in the 1800s was treated with a rudimentary splint. Two twigs were positioned around the leg and tied in place.

How can I tell if my parakeet's leg is broken?

If the leg is broken it will stand on one leg all day or lie on the bottom of its cage. Its best seeing a vet.

How do I fix your rooster's broken leg?

I don't have a rooster... therefore it doesn't have a broken leg (in fact, it doesn't have a leg at all), therefore your question is invalid.

How can a person tell if a mouse's leg is broken?

breaking its leg

What body system is involved in a broken leg?

Mainly the leg.

A broken leg caused his deth?

He did not brake his leg, he was murdered.

What part of the body does a podiatrist specialise in treating?

A podiatrst specialises in treating the foot, ankle, leg, and lower back.

How can you fake a broken leg?

For what?

Did the Grinch have a broken leg?


Can you drive a car with a broken leg?

If your right leg is broken, no. If your left leg is broken, yes. If you don't think you can, go ahead! It's totally worth a shot and all of your friends will think your cool

How do you tell if a horse has a broken leg?

if its refusing to walk or appears to be in pain, its is most probaly a broken leg. get a bets opinion