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Q: True or False peanuts start out on top of the soil but bury themselves to develop?
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True or false hurricane season is August through october when the conditions are right for the start of larger circulation patterns that are fueled by warm ocean waters near the equator?


When do hurricanes develop?

They normally develop in the Summer months because, the water starts to get warm or hot & that's what hurricanes need to start & to keep going. If they go on land then they start to die out or if they reach cold water they'll start to die out. They develop all the way through November, too. There still has to be enough energy generated by warm water and the correct wind conditions to begin the process.

Is it true that due to the force of friction a glacier will start to move downhill once the layer of snow and ice is more than about 30 to 40 meters deep?

False. A glacier will move due to the force of gravity, not friction.

Why can't a jet stream cause a tornado?

The jet stream produces wind shear, or differences in wind speed and direction with changing height. Wind shear is a necessary ingredient for producing tornadoes, but on its own it can't do much. To get tornadoes you need thunderstorms. When thunderstorms develop in strong enough wind shear they can start to rotate. This rotation can the develop into a tornado. But this sort of rotation cannot be produced by wind shear alone.

How do underground limestone caves form?

Dissolution of the limestone by rain & snow-melt water slightly acidified by absorbed atmospheric carbon dioxide. It oozes through the rock's joints, bedding-planes & other discontinuities from surface to rising (spring). Eventually these initial micro-conduits start to coalescence and develop discrete passages.

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