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Q: True or false because of its velocity and the pull of gravity the moon stays in orbit around the earth?
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What two motions combined make the moon orbit Earth?

Velocity and gravity (movement around the Earth and the gravity of the Earth pulling on it).

What is velocity that a rocket must attain to escape the force of gravity on earth?

The velocity of a any object to surpass the gravity of earth commonly known as escape velocity is 11.2Km/s.

How does the sun stay in orbit around the sun?

The Sun's gravity keeps the Earth (and all the planets) in orbit around it. Yes, but obviously there's more to it or the planet would go into the Sun. It is the Earth's orbital velocity ( technically known as its tangential velocity) which, together with the force of gravity, keeps the Earth in orbit.

Does the sun have more or less gravity than earth?

I think the planet earth has more gravity

Why are you not affected by the earth's rotation?

Because we are being carried round with it, and the angular velocity is not sufficient to overcome gravity.

Why is the moon revolve around the earth?

Because of gravity.

What is the force that causes the earth to orbit the sun?

GRAVITY!A2. Centripetal force. The velocity of the satellite around the earth causes centripetal, force which balances with the gravity, holding it in a circular orbit around the earth.

Why does the moon orbit around the earth?

All closed orbits are the result of mutual gravitational forcesbetween the central body and the satellite.In other words: Gravity .The Moon orbits Earth rather than falling into it, of course. That's because theMoon has a velocity (roughly "sideways" to the gravitational force). The Moon'svelocity, combined with gravity, results in the orbital path of the Moon.

Why does the earth move around?

the earth moves around because of the suns gravity. Its not rocket science.

Why does the moon not fall to the surface of the earth?

because the weight of the moon is balanced by the centrifugal force of gravity as the moon is in orbit traveling around the earth at high velocity

What keeps the moon ins orbit around earth?

That's the mutual force of gravitation (gravity) between the Earth and the Moon. This, combined with the Moon's velocity (its inertia), results in the orbital path that the Moon follows.

What causes the earth to revove around the sun?

Because of gravity