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Tune up procedures for Kia Sephia 2001?


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December 16, 2008 10:48PM

on the top of the engine there is a black cover with 6 screws holding it in place. remove screws to gain access of spark plug wires and coils. start from the left and pull up black boot. inside you will see the spark plug. use a 6 inch extension with a spark plug socket to remove. next remove the coil pack to the right. its held down by two 10mm bolts. once bolts are removed pull up on coil pack. inside is your next spark plug to remove. its the same process with the last two. you will have two spark plugs wire in a new kit. you dont get 4 because the coil packs (2) will spark for 2 of the 4 cylinders. the plugs are to be gapped @ .070 to .080 the plugs should be NGK brand. its very easy and anyone with basic tools can do the job. takes 20-30 minutes ave.