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Las posadas and Independence Day festival.

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What are two famous landmarks in Belize?

I can only think of one. Which is the Belize Barrier Reef.

What are two ways Caribbean families preserve their cultural traditions?

describe two ways Caribbean families preserve their cultural tradition

What two cultural traditions did the Safavid empire blend?

they blended the Shiite Muslim and the Sunni Muslim.

What are the two main Jewish cultural traditions?

Western (Ashkenaz) Jews and Eastern (Sephardi) Jews.

How many major cities are in Belize?

two Belmopan Belize City

What are two imports of Belize?

Belize imports all manufactured goods. Two specific examples are gas and cars

What is the driving time from san ignacio Belize to lamanai Belize?

Two to three hours

How much did is a US dollar in Belize?

One U.S. dollar is worth two Dollars in Belize

How many hours ahead is Belize from California?

Belize is exactly two hours ahead of California.

What are the major landmarks in Belize?

I only know two, the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve and Xunantunich.

What are two similarties and two differences of Guatemala and Belize?

they are both launguages they are both cool Guatemala is spelled differently Belize is a common name

What are the two top economic activities in Belize?

Tourism is the obvious #1 industry in Belize. Forestry and lumber is the second largest producer of jobs and revenue in Belize.

Is Belize part of Mexico?

No, they are two different countries.

What two countries does Belize border?

Mexico borders Belize to the north, to the south and weast it is Guatemala and to the east it is the carribbean sea.

Belize is in what direction from China?

The country of Belize is southeast of the People's Republic of China. The two countries are separated by the Pacific Ocean.

How many traditions are attributed to hazrat ayesha?

About two thousand and two hundred traditions are attributed to Hazrat Ayesha

What is a Queen Elizabeth the Second quarter worth that says Belize on the back?

A Belize 25 cent coin would, theoretically be worth US 12.5 cents in Belize since the official exchange rate is two Belize dollars to one US$. Outside of Belize it would be virtually worthless.

Describe two weather-related cultural traditions that occur in your family or community each year?

One weather-related cultural tradition is The Celebration of Lights, which is a winter lights festival in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Another tradition is Yalda, which is the turning point of Winter Solstice.

What are the traditions in British Columbia?

I only found two traditions though. I'm doing a project on British Columbia, and i only found two traditions. They are Sea Festival and WInter Carnival.

What two countries border Mexico to the south?

Belize and Guatemala.

Two major rivers and lakes in Belize?

mahowcow and pumazanaintino

Name Mexico's two southern neighbors?

Belize and Guatemala :)

What two countries border Mexico southeast?

Guatemala and Belize.

What are the two smallest Latin countries in America?

Belize and panama

Which two chambers make up the constitution of Belize?

the two chambers that make up the constitution in belize is thechange then you will nowit is the house of representative that have 31 to 32 people and the national assembly

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