Two kinds of run on sentences?

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fused & comma splice

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Q: Two kinds of run on sentences?
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Related questions

What are two kinds of run on sentences?

The 2 types of run on sentences are a fused sentence and a comma slice.

What are two kinds of run-on sentences?

fused & comma splice

Kinds of mathematical sentences?

kinds of mathematical sentences

Two kind of sentence?

There are many kinds of sentences. Maybe two kinds of basic sentences are positive and negative.positive - I like ice creamnegatives I don't like ice cream.

Two sentences written as one sentences and is usually separated by a comma?

run on sentence

Kinds of sentence according to functions?

The four types of sentences according to function include a declarative sentence and interrogative sentence. The other two are imperative sentences and exclamatory sentences.

The two types of run - on sentences?

fused; comma splice from

What sentence is two or more sentences that run together without correct punctuation?

run on

Two complete sentences incorrectly joined by a comma make a?

Two complete sentences incorrectly joined by a comma make a run-on sentence.

What is two sentences that incorrectly joined by a comma called?

run-on sentence

Two sentences written as one and is usually seperated by a comma?

When two sentences are written as one and seperated by a comma, they are called a run-on or fused sentence.

What are four kinds of sentences?

Some kinds of sentences include: Declarative Sentences - statement and ends with period Interrogative Sentences-Question and ends with question mark Imperative Sentences-Strong Feeling And ends with exlamation Point

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