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Two types of cable in computers?


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There is the USB cable and the twisted pair cable (Cat 5 and Cat 6) for networking.

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You can connect two or more computers using the following cables: Network cable USB cable Serial (used in old computers) Parallel (used in old computers)

Using Crossover cable we can interconnect two computers.


There are primarily two different types of computers; Desktop computers, and Laptop/Notebook computers.

You can use Cross over cable or LAN cable or Ethernet cable.

A network cable allows two computers to exchange packets of information.

1) You purchase the cable 2) You plug it into the network adapter (network card). If the cable directly connects two computers, you need a crossover cable; if the computers are connected via a switch (this lets you connect more than two computers), you need a straight cable. Make sure to measure how much cable you need, and to purchase some extra length, to let you move the computers around freely.

Two equipments of the same type - two computers, two routers, two switches - should be connected with a crossover cable.

Two basic types of computers are calculators and stopwatches.

Be more specific of the two types you want!

To form a network from two computers is enough a crossover cable. For more than two computers, a hub or switch is necessary.For example you can use a router like a D-LINK together with an Ethernet cable depending on your choice

The crossover cable is used to connect two computers. The straight cable is used to connect computer to a switch.

There are 3 types of modems, their is theCable ModemDSL ModemDial Up Modem (inside older computers)

Power Cable and Data Cable

You can use a null-modem cable; alternately, you can use a USB or FireWire cable.

yes if both modems are registered with the cable company you can also connect one modem to both the computers

To directly connect two computers together using an Ethernet Cable you need a special cable called an Ethernet Crossover Cable. It switches the connectors on one end so 'A' on one end is 'B' on the other, and visa versa.

Connect them with an ethernet crossover cable.

lan/ethernet cable. you also need a router since the cable itself will not do the job alone.

I'm not sure what you mean, as I understand it there are many types of computers but you could break it down into mainframe and person computers but that's a large generalisation.

you can use any of the following cables: 1) Cross Over cable 2) LAN cable 3) Ethernet cable

Two distinct types of computers are laptops and desktops. There are many other types of computers under these two main categories.pc dektops laptops plamstop workstation sever main computer mini fram super wearable

"An ethernet cable splitter allows you to connect two computers to one ethernet connection. Once you have your splitter made, you plug it into both computers just as you would with a normal ethernet cable."

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