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Q: Type of abbrevations allowed in apa style writing?
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What type of writing style did Lord Alfred Tennyson write in?

Aflerd lord tennysons writing style are based on ulysses.

What is his style of writing?

it was more generous and more of dramatic type.

How do you change writing style for different type of people?

it is actually better not to change the style of writing for different people if you are writing about them, but if you are writing as them dont change the style change their attitudes towards your other characters and the way they think about things.

What type of writing is anecdotal narration?

Simply, its a style of writing. Its a way of writing, in that its story like [hence narration]

What is one example of sophocles style of writing?

Type your answer here... hbjgh

What type of list is not allowed in APA format writing papers?


What type of abbreviations are allowed in APA formatted papers?

acronyms Acronyms are abbreviations allowed in APA style papers.

What is explanatory writing?

Explanatory writing is a type of writing used to present knowledge about a given topic. In this style of writing, opinion and point of view factor heavily in explaining the topic.

What is the abbrevations for int?

"int" is the abbreviation for an integer data type. In Java an int is specifically a 32-bit signed integer.

What type of writing style results from using too many compound sentences?

A stringy style results from using too many compound sentences.

What did writing contribute to western civilization?

Writing allowed the keeping of records, especially for collecting taxes. The Sumerians were the first people to have a form of writing, called cuneiform which is a type of wedge shaped writing.

What are the different writing systems of sumerians the egyptians and the israelites?

The writing system of the Egyptians were hieroglyphics. Sumerians wrote with the style of cuneiform. I am not sure what the type of writing the Israelites wrote with. Hope this helps!

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