Types of solution according to physical state?


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Liquid or solid solutions

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These nine types of solution are solid to solid solid to liquid solid to gas liquid to solid liquid to liquid liquid to gas gas to solid gas to liquid gas to gas

The physical state that cannot exist in a solution is solid. This can be either liquid or gaseous states but not in solid form.

A solution does not have a chemical change, but it does have a physical change in state.

The physical state of vinegar (acetic acid solution in water) is liquid at room temperature.

physical state of matter is simply the state a compound is in, regardless of chemical composition. The three types of matter are solid, such as ice; liquid, such as water; gas, such as water vapor. In chemistry, there is a classification for solids broken down or dissolved in a solution, known as aqueous. Such an example would be the state of salt, in a salt water solution, because it is dissolved and has broken down into its ions.

All evaporation is physical: change from liquid state (solution) to gaseous state (humid)

Homogeneous and heterogeneous solutions

Physical. Distillation simply separates components of a solution, which could be returned to their original state.

Precipitates form whenever two insoluble ions are in solution, thereby leaving solution. They can form either gases or solids (usually solids).

Pure (one kind of molecule in liquid state), Solution (homogeneous ), Mixture (heterogeneous ),

the solids can turn to liquids by melting and to gas by sublimation

I'm pretty sure it's a physical change because it's just changing the state of matter that the watter's in.

The physical state if potassium is....

oxygen's physical state is gas

Ductility is a physical prperty not a state.

the physical state of maria argon is canada

the physical state is having problems.

the physical state of an cube is ice

The physical state of a candle changes from the solid state to the liquid state.

Urine is a homogeneous mixture - all components are in the same physical state as an aqueous solution.

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