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- the state of matter
- the chemical composition
- the chemical properties
- the physical properties

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How is rotting fruit a chemical change?

one type of matter changes to produce another kind of matter, the matter then has different identity and properties from the original. It is irreversible.

A chemical change produces a different kind of matter?

a chemical change proude a different kind of matter

When one kind of matter is dissolved in another kind of matter?

A solution. Usually when a matter is dissolved in a fluid.

What happens when light moves form one kind of matter to another?

that changes the speed of the light, which makes the light bend

If energy is matter why can energy be created and destroyed?

Energy is a different kind of matter that can be manipulated like you describedAnother AnswerEnergy cannot be created nor destroyed. It can only be converted from one form to another.

Is a different kind of matter produced from a fire?

Yed +++ No, not a different "kind" of matter, but different "matters", i.e. different chemical compounds. Combustion is a chemical reaction, or set of them, depending on what is burning..

How do you explain dissolving?

Dissolving is the process in which one kind of matter is put into another kind of matter and the solution is either homogenous or heterogenous

What makes an environment favourable for organisms to live in?

food, water, shelter, temperature, light, and another of it's kind with a different gender.

When water evaporates does it becomes a new kind of matter?

Evaporation produces a different state of matter, gas rather than liquid, but you wouldn't call it a new state, just another one.

What is a name of the smallest part of matter?

An atom is the smallest kind of matter. It makes up living and nonliving things.

How many different kind of matter are there?

The common states of matter are: solid, liquid, gas, plasma.

When matter undergoes a physical change does it produce a different kind of matter?

well the reason they do that is to see that if there are a lot of those kind of animals or if there is more of them.

How will you come to know that he is the one for you?

From another guys perspective a girl can only be the true one if it is what makes you happy. No matter what kind of mood you maybe in, he should be the one to make it better.

What must be different between two pieces of the same kind of matter in the same temperature to have different thermal energy?

If two pieces of the same kind of matter in the same temperature have different thermal energy then there is a difference in mass of the pieces.

What kind of matter that makes up earth interior help scientists make inferences?

scientists know the mass and the volume of earth how could this information help them make inferences about thr kind of matter that makes up the earth interior

What is the attraction which allows molecules of different kind of matter to stick together?

adhesion is the attraction which allows molecules of different kinds of matter to stick together!

What is the chemical chnge?

A chemical change is when an obect change to a different kind of matter.

Why is rusting a chemical change?

Rusting is a chemical change because rust changes in matter and produces a different kind of matter

When one kind of matter is spread evenly through another type of matter it is a mixture?

If they are "mixed" together, then yes it is a mixture. And from you saying "through" another material I suspect it is a mixture.

What kind of matter makes up the cerebral cortex?

A thin layer of gray matter called the cerebral cortex comprises the outer portion of the cerebrum.

When matter changes state does become a different kind of substance?

Changes of state of matter are physical processes, the molecule remain unchanged.

What kind of fashion does Samsonite make?

Samsonite also makes luggage tags. Another Item Samsonite makes is handbags.

Why are plant cells usually very different from one another?

because there are different kind of plants

A what is another name for a homogenous mixture?

another name is 'same kind' or alloy if it is 2 metals or a solution for heterogeneous, 'different kind', or a mechanical mixture

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