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If they are "mixed" together, then yes it is a mixture. And from you saying "through" another material I suspect it is a mixture.

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Q: When one kind of matter is spread evenly through another type of matter it is a mixture?
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What is the mixture in which different practicals of matter are spread evenly through?


A mixture in which the different particles of matter are spread evenly throughout?

It is a homogeneous solution.

What word means two or more types of matter are evenly distributed in a mixture?


Which word describes a mixture in which different types of matter are mixed evenly with each other?

the answer is homogeneous mixture.OR.......a solution

Is mixture a phase of matter?

yes it's the cross of two or more phases of matter which becomes another phase of matter

What is the liquid solution that was mixed evenly with organic and inorganic compound substances and had undergone fermentation and sealed inside a solid state of matter in a homogeneous mixture?

the answer for this question is softdrink.

Is bird seed a mixture of matter?

I know bird seed is a mixture, but think about it, is it really a mixture of matter?

What is evenly dispersed?

Evenly dispersed means something is spread out evenly over an area or among people. Money can be evenly dispersed as well as liquid or matter can be evenly dispersed over a surface.

A series of evenly timed pulses create a wave that can be described as a?

In physics, a wave refers to a disturbance or oscillation that travels through space and matter. A series of evenly timed pulses that create a wave can be described as a periodic wave.

Can you drink mixture of fresh apple juice and milk?

Sure you CAN, - whether it will taste very good is another matter.

What are the three fundamental phases of matter?

The three fundamental phases of matter are solid, liquid, gas. There are another two phases. Plasma is a mixture of ions and mobile electrons. Another phase is Bose-Einsten Condensate.

When a tree falls can sound waves travel?

Sound waves travel through matter. Our atmosphere is a mixture of gases which is a form of matter. Sound waves will travel through our atmosphere, even if there is no human ear to receive it.