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What is que tanga estas preciosa in English?

"Que tanga" is an expression, mostly used by people from SouthAmerica. It can be understood to be something like 'oh my god', butit's more vulgar. "Estás preciosa' is "you look beautiful." I hope that helps (:

Que estas haciendo anoche papito?

This question doesn't really make sense because it means, "What are you doing last night , daddy?" It would be moreappropriate to say, "¿Qué estabas haciendo anoche, papito?" or"What were you doing last night, daddy?"

Que esta la escuela?

Bad Spanish grammar: What is (wrong form of the word) the school. Dónde esta la escuela = where is the school Qué es una escuela = what is a school francis says: it can also be a fragment of a sentence: Qué está la escuela .... "haciendo"? the problem is that without th ( Full Answer )

What does que tal estas mean in English?

If the object phrase is, "¿Qué tal éstas?" then the meaning is "What about these?" "How about these?" or "What's the story with these?" The "these" is necessarily a feminine plural noun.

Como hago para saber si una persona esta registrada?

quiero saber si una persona esta registrada en AOL mail como poodria averiguar o conseguir su usuario de AOL tan solo para saber si es que esta o no registrada en aol solo quisiera saber como podria lograr eso !! gracias !

What does Que esta haciendo mean?

¿Cuál de las dos opciones? Porque no me queda claro: ... que está haciendo --- ... who / that is doing... ¿Qué está haciendo? --- what are you doing (formal you singular); what's he / she doing? Please! Write clear and correct contexts to avoid these terrible confusion ( Full Answer )

What does Estas que fumando mean?

¿ESTÁS QUÉ? ¿FUMANDO? -Are you what, smoking? (informal you, singular) Be careful with accents. Estas que fumando is not a properly structured Spanish sentence. The words mean: Estas - You are Que - what (depending on usage could possibly be how or that) Fumando - smoking ( Full Answer )

What does esta bendeja o que te pasa mean?

You meant: ¿Estás pendeja o qué te pasa? (vulg.) ---Are you such an a..sehole or what's going on with you? (talking to a woman)

What does que esta mean in spanish?

Actually, it doesn't mean anything since a complete context should be given. Analyse the following examples: Aquel niño que está a lo lejos (that boy who is far away) ¡que ésta sea la última vez que te lo digo! (I hope this is the last time I tell you!) ¡Que esta niña no v ( Full Answer )

What does ques estas mirando mean?

¿Cómo lidiar con estas faltas de ortografía? No sé si dicen: Que estás mirando --- (That, whom) you are looking at. ¿Qué estás mirando? --- What are you looking at?

What does Que hermosa salio ali me encanto esta foto mean in spanish?

If Ali is a first name, it means: How beautiful Ali came out (in that picture I guess) Ali might also be a typo of for "Alli" which means, there. Therefore, it could also mean: You looked really beautiful there. Me ( spanish for I) encanto esta foto means: I love that picture

Haciendo este spanish De que color es esta carro?

It's a mixture of (Spanish) 'Haciendo este' = 'Doing/making this' (English) 'Spanish' and (Spanish) 'de que color es esta carro' = 'What colour is this carriage/cart?'

En que pais esta sevilla?

Sevilla esta en Espana, en la region de Andalucia. (missing accents on a in esta, o in region, i in Andalucia, tilde in Espana)

Qual e o remedio para curar a vista que esta vermelha?

Se estiver apenas vermelha, (congestionada), uma compressa com metade de soro fisiológico e metade de água boricada ( umas 20 gotas de cada) em um pequeno chumaço de algodão, colocar e deixar por uns 10 minutos ficando deitado. Se a vista mostrar sinais de alguma infecção, como alg ( Full Answer )

What does donde estas y que hace mean in English?

Translation: Where are you, and what do you do? Because 'estas' and 'hace' are different 'persons', '....que hace' could also mean 'what does he/she do', 'what is he/she doing'

How do yuo respond to que esta haciendo?

'Que esta haciendo' = 'What are you (formal)/is he/she/it doing?' You would respond by telling what you are/he/she/it is doing. Clearly, this could be so many things, it is impossible to give a complete answer. But depending on the relevant verb, and person: In response to 'you', would reply 'est ( Full Answer )

Como esta Que dia es hoy Que hora es?

As written, it would be "Like this? What day is today? What time is it?" Even that is an approximation. The problem is the missing accent marks, as well as a missing "usted". "¿Cómo está usted? ¿Qué día es hoy? ¿Qué hora es?" means "How are you? What day is today? What tim ( Full Answer )

What does que luces esta noche mean?

It literally means ' what lights this night'. That doesn't make sense to me, so I researched it a bit. Perhaps you took part of the phrase "La manera en que luces esta noche". -- This phrase means 'the way you light up the night' and would most likely be used in a romantic fashion.

What does una nostro vostro esta mean in English?

Not a lot! It's four unconnected words. una = 'a' (feminine) nostro ('nuestro' in Spanish) = 'our(s)' (masculine) vostro ('vuestro' in Spanish) = 'your(s)' (informal, plural, masculine) esta = this (feminine), but if it has an accent over the 'a', it means 'is'.

What does Esperado que te estas portando bien?

"Espera n do que te estas portando bien" is a phrase that means "Hoping that you are behaving yourself." Literally: Hoping/Waiting that you are comporting yourself well

What is an esta?

Esta is a Spanish term which means this one. However, esta can also be short for establishment or estate which is a type of property or building where business takes place.

What does como estas corazon te gustaria una cita mean in english?

Very confusing!: ¿Como éstas, corazón? ¿Te gustaría una cita? --- Like these ones, dear? Would you like a date? ¿Cómo estás, corazón? ¿Te gustaría una cita? --- How are you, dear? Would you like a date?

What does soy yo que esta buscando mean?

\n \n \n \n \n \n\n Translation: \nI am the one who is searching, \n\n Or I the one\nwho is being searched for \n\n \n \n Normal \n 0 \n \n \n \n \n false \n false \n false \n \n EN-US \n X-NONE \n X-NONE \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n ( Full Answer )

How do you respond to En que grado estas?

En que grado estas? = What grade are you in? Yo estoy en el (numbero) grado = I am in the (number) grade Example: Yo estoy en el primer grado = I am in the first grade