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Rule #22 in The Rules of Golf says when the ball interferes or assists an opponents ball.

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Which is correct courtesy to or courtesy for?

As a courtesy to Joe, I picked up his laundry. Would you count these papers as a courtesy to the teacher? As a courtesy to others, please turn off your cell phone in the restaurant. 'Courtesy to' is correct.

What are some examples of courtesy within speeches?

Speaking with courtesy will set one apart from others. Using "please," "thank you," "you are welcome," and so on is proper common courtesy.

What is courtesy and politeness?

Courtesy is politeness. Courtesy is a favour, it is help and generosity. Politeness is showing good manners towards others in behaviour and speech, it is being refined and cultured.

What does virtue of courtesy mean?

Courtesy is defined as politeness towards others. Many people consider this a virtue or behavior that shows high moral standards.

Meaning of habitual courtesy?

Courtesy is politeness and respect shown to others in accordance with customary practices. Courtesy is part of good manners, and is based on the qualities of graciousness and consideration for another's feelings and beliefs.Courtesy is sometimes displayed as the result of conscious thought on the matter.Sometimes courtesy maybe manifested as an automatic response to a certain situation. In this case such an action could be called an 'habitual courtesy,' the result of training and practice of good manners.In countries/cultures where courtesy is normal and expected, 'habitual courtesy' is widespread.In environments were courtesy may be less common, a considerate action by a person who regularly shows courtesy to others could be described as being performed according to his or her 'habitual courtesy.'Example of usage:"Michael Foot treated all us new Bennite MPs with his habitual courtesy, but warily." -Guardian Newspaper, UK, March 3, 2010----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------See Related links below for more information.

What is a substance that carries electricity under certain circumstances but not under others?

semiconductors - they can conduct electricity under certain circumstances but not under others

How do you use international custom in a sentence?

Extending courtesy toward others is an international custom.

Why can't women call you when they cancel on a date?

They should. Out of courtesy, we should all do whatever is necessary to inform others when plans for any kind of appointment change. That lack of courtesy is extremely inconsiderate.

What is the difference between consideration and courtesy?

Consideration: Careful not to inconvenience or harm others,]. Courtesy: The showing of politeness in one's attitude and behavior towards others.

An aggressive driver is a person who drives with lack of courtesy?

not always, that can be part of it but an aggressive driver puts others in danger

When retrieving your boat from the water as a courtesy to others when should you pull your boat into the launch lane?

if you are taking the boating test the answer is a

Why is Nathan kress a Christian?

Nathan marked on his Myspace that he is Christian and 'others'.

What is a substance that carries electricity under certain circumstances but not under other circumstances called?

A substance that carries electricity under certain circumstances but not under others is called a semiconductor.

What does being marked lousy mean?

when you have nothing that others have and you feel left out and lousy about yourself in other words you are marked lousy cause you are stuiped

What is the sentence of kindness?

Kindness is the act or the state of being kind and marked by charitable behaviour, marked by mild disposition, pleasantness, tenderness and concern for others

People who went beyond their pain to help others?

Altruism - an attitude or way of behaving marked by unselfish concern for the welfare of others.

Are double A batteries rechargeable?

Only batteries that are marked "Rechargeable" are rechargeable. Are others are single use.

Where is the positive and negative on a capacitor?

On some capacitors, it matters; on others it doesn't. On those where it matters, it's marked. (On some really old ones, the negative is marked "outer foil".)

What does insensitive mean?

it's like lacking in sensitivity to the feelings or circumstances of others.not tending to feel

What does it mean to be polite?

To be polite means to be kind and courteous to others. Regardless of the situation or circumstances, kindness, good speech, and politeness is always displayed to others.

What hazard symbol would be on a dilute acid?

Some dilute acids still meet the criteria for being marked with the corrosive hazard symbol, others would be marked with the irritant symbol.

What insurance companies will insure a lifted truck in California?

Many Insurers will insure modified vehicles why any others will not. Just ask your agent which company will accept you Lifted trucks are more expensive to insure because of the high risk associated with modified vehicles.

What are exigent circumstances where an officer does not need a warrant?

Having probable cause of a suspect who may endager others

Who performs surgery?

Surgeons usually perform surgery, though sometimes others do it too in exceptional circumstances.

What are some example of courtesy?

Very generally , courtesy is putting the needs and comfort of others before your own. It means being polite, especially to your elders. Being kind to and tolerant of children. Being helpful whenever you can . Never being the one to start an argument , and be the first to apologize for any misunderstanding .