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hot and wet conditions

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When does chemical weathering occur?

chemical weathering occurs when there is a crack somewhere that is caused by nature.

What climate does chemical weathering occur the fastest?

== == Rocks weather the fastest, due to chemical means, in high rainfall , high temperature conditions.

Is there chemical weathering on the moon?

No there is no acid or alkali on the moon so no chemical weathering could occur.

How does physical weathering make the job easier for chemical weathering?

Physical weathering, such as cracks, creates more surface area for chemical weathering to occur on.

How do acids an bases affect a cells environment?

Many chemical reactions can only occur under acidic conditions and others can only occur under basic conditions.

Where does chemical weathering occur most?

Warm and wet, most chemical weathering because they have the most precipitation.

How can weathering occur?

There are two types of weathering that occur: chemical weathering and physical weathering. One example of physical weathering is crushing a rock with a hammer. An example of chemical weathering is acid rain where the material is chemically broken down because of the rain's acidity.

Why does chemical weathering occur quickly in a hot climate?

Chemical weathering occurs more quickly in a hot climate because chemical reactions occur faster at higher temperatures.

What type of weathering does not happen in the desert?

Mechanical and chemical weathering both occur.

What are the effects of chemical weathering?

it harms the environment. temperature changes and climate changes occur because of chemical weathering.

Does chemical weathering occur faster than mechanical weathering?

Chemical because it does not stop while breaking rock

What can occur mechanically or chemically?

Weathering can be mechanical or chemical.

How does oxidation occur?

chemical weathering living organsims

When does weathering occur most?

Chemical weathering in the warm, wet season and mechanical weathering in the cool, dry season.

What climates would chemical weathering most readily occur?

Chemical weathering occurs most readily in warm, humid climates.

Can you give me some notes about weathering?

There are two types of weathering: chemical and physical. Chemical weathering is said to occur when the chemical compounds of rocks are changed. Physical weathering happens due to wind, rain, or other natural occurrences.

Why does chemical weathering occur faster in warm wet climates?

Chemical weathering is mostly caused by rainwater. Wet climates have more rain, so it stands to reason that they have more chemical weathering because of this.

What weathering is caused by acidic rain?

Acidic rain causes chemical weathering to occur. Dissolution in particular.

Why does chemical weathering occur faster in a hot climate?

chemical weathering occurs faster in a hot climate because chemical reactions speed up with increased temperature.

Does chemical weathering occur more rapidly in a climate that is warm?

Yes. With an increase in temperature, chemical reactions occur more quickly.

What type of weathering occurs when reactions dissolve the minerals in rock?

We apply the term chemical weathering to the (chemical) reactions that occur and dissolve minerals in rock.

How does chemical weathering occur?

it occurs when it rains. like rust on metal

In what type of climate does chemical weathering readily occur?

In Humid climate.

In which type of climate does chemical weathering occur fastest?

plant roorts

How does chemical weathering make it easy for mechanical weathering to occur?

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