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Union leader at Richmond?

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supposably George Washington but i think its wrong

supposably George Washington but i think its wrong

its grant

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When did The Richmond News Leader end?

The Richmond News Leader ended in 1992.

Who was the Union leader at the fall of Richmond in the Civil War?

General Ulysses Simpson Grant led the Army of the Potomac.

Who was the Union leader at the Battle of Richmond?

William "Bull" Nelson commanded the Union Forces against E. Kirby Smith in the Battle of Richmond, Kentucky, which was probably the most lop-sided Southern victory of the US Civil War.

When was Richmond Union Passenger Railway created?

Richmond Union Passenger Railway was created in 1888.

When did Richmond Union Passenger Railway end?

Richmond Union Passenger Railway ended in 1949.

Taking over command of the Richmond forces in 1862 after General Johnston was injured defending the southern capital, this leader was once offered the command of all Union troops?

Robert E. Lee

What is the definition of an union leader?

a leader of a union

Who was a confederate leader at Richmond?


Who was the leader of the battles in Richmond Virginia?

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Who won the Richmond Campaign?

The Union!

Where was the union stronghold in Virginia?


Who was the union general at Richmond?

Ulysses Grant

Why did the union want to capture Richmond Virginia?

Because Richmond was the capital of the Confederacy, and the seat of government.

Was McClellan a confederate of a union leader?

McClellan was a leader of the Union Army.

Confederate leader at Richmond?

Robert E Lee

What were the capitals of the Union and the Confederacy?

Union - Washington D.C. Confederacy- Richmond, Virginia (from 1861)

What fighting saved Richmond from capture by the union?


Who were the union leaders at the battle of Richmond?

General Meade

What battle saved Richmond from the capture by the union?


How did Richmond burn down?

The reason Richmond was burned down by the union.the Union thought the confederate states would lose everything by burning down their capital...the confederate states would have no supplies or shelters to store inso the union had won the civil war by burning down Richmond

Who was confederate leader at Richmond - civil war?

Jefferson Davis, based at the Confederate White House in Richmond.

Why was the fall of Richmond not the end of the civil war?

Because the Southerners had to pass Richmond and burn the crops the Union could get.

Who was the the last leader of the Soviet Union?

Mikhail Gorbachev was the last leader of the Soviet Union.

Who was the leader of the soviet union?

The leader of the Soviet Union during WW2 was Joseph Stalin.

Union leader who led the peninsula campaign?

union leader who led the peninsula campaign?

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