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Q: Union victory came at a cost to African American volunteers. about how many of the union's 18000 African Americans lost their lives during the war?
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What was the double 'V' campaign?

The Pittsburgh Courier, a leading African American newspaper, launched the "Double V" campaign. The Campaign urged African Americans to support the war to achieve a double victory- over both Hitler's racism abroad the racism at home

What was the double V for which African American pilots were fighting?

It was a call for fighting racism and the germans. Victory for African American rights and Victory for the entire American Nation

What African American runner proposed after his victory?

George Poage

Why was the American victory at Vincennes important?

this battle was a victory for the Americans after losing two consecutive battles

How did the Battle of Saratoga and Benjamin Franklins fame help to lead a Patriot victory in the American Revolution war?

they had help form the African Americans and the women as the messagers in the war and the had that victory many of the people dat helped had lifes and they wonted to have there free dom

What did African Americans want to achieve in World War 2 besides military victory?

In addition to victory they also wanted to show that they could also contribute to the victory of wwII.

Why was the American victory at the battle battle of Saratoga significant?

France decided to help the Americans

How were Native Americans important to the American Revolution?

because they were soldiers that has a victory in yorktown

Why was the American victory at the Battle of Saratoga was significant?

France decided to help the Americans

How did other countries help the Americans in their victory over?

They joined American soldiers.

What event finally convinced the British to negotiate with the Americans?

The American victory at Yorktown

How did the American victory affect Americans?

The Americans put cannons on top of a hill in Boston to get the British to leave it affected them by .....