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Q: Up to how many eggs does a love bird have?
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How many eggs can a bird of paradise lay at a time?

they can lay up to 100 eggs.

How many eggs can a bird lay?

Depends on what kind of bird: Robins lay up to three eggs and ostriches usually lay one.

How many eggs can a weaver bird lay?

A weaver bird can lay up to 6 eggs a one time. And some birds dont even lay in their nest the lay on the ground.

What is the difference between snake and bird eggs?

The main difference is physical make-up. Bird eggs are hard-shelled, while reptile eggs are soft.

How many eggs does an animal produce?

The amount of eggs that an animal produces will vary depending on the animal. For example, a penguin only lays one or two eggs at a time and a bird can lay up to four at a time.

What type of animal eggs do humans eat?

I am sure any bird eggs are up for grabs, but the eggs I am most familiar with are chicken, quail, duck, and ostrich eggs.

On harvest moon how can you get big eggs?

get your chickens love up and he will make bigger eggs

How are birds born?

The mother bird mates with a male bird the after three months the mother bird can lay up to five eggs then it hatches in less then a year.

Is a bird a producer or a comsumer?

a bird is a consume :) <3 hit me up on facebook im TIANA LOVE

How long does a love bird live?

A love bird my live very long if you give him/her nutriens love and care love birds are known for them being so beautiful and loving if you take very good care of a love bird it may live up to be 8 years

Why would adult hummingbird leave nest of eggs?

Fright, short trip for food, nest of eggs not hatching and the bird will give up.

How many eggs does the chameleon lay?

it can lay up to 50 eggs

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