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yes you can you need to for it to work

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โˆ™ 2008-08-26 16:59:15
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Q: Update a Xbox game on the Xbox 360?
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What games update your Xbox 360?

No games will update your Xbox 360. When you insert a game and it asks you to update, this is a game update.

Do you have to be on Xbox live to play Xbox games on your Xbox 360?

for most xbox game to be able to play on your 360 an update needs to be applied to the 360. after the update though there is no need for live

How do you udate a Xbox game to go on a Xbox 360?

Microsoft maintains a list of titles that are forward compatible with the Xbox 360. If the title you are trying to play does need an update to play that update will be applied when you first launch the game assuming that your Xbox 360 is connected to the internet.

Can you play the Xbox game dukes of hazard on Xbox 360?

if it is a Normal Xbox game and you want to play it on the xbox you may need to manually update your xbox

Why wont my original xbox game work in my xbox 360 even when i have the update?

Not every title is backward compatible on the xbox 360. To see what games are you need to look on

When you update an xbox 360 game via live does it stay on the game disc?

no it stays on your hard drive

How do you update your original Xbox games on your Xbox 360?

you just select yes but if your xbox original game has not been "selected" for the "list" of 1,000 of games that have been updated for the xbox 360 format

Which Xbox game are able to be played on the Xbox 360?

All the xbox back catalogue should play on the 360, however you may need an update over xbox live to get some to work.

How do you get rid of new Xbox 360 update?

Buy a new Xbox and keep it away from the internet. There is no way to reverse a system update, only game updates.

How do you update the Xbox 360 dashboard?

To update your Xbox 360's dashboard, you only need to sign into Xbox Live. Once you sign in you will be notified of a dashboard update which can then be downloaded and applied.

How do you update your Xbox 360?


Update Xbox 360?


Why can't I change my Multiplayer settings on black ops for xbox 360?

You have to first update the game over xbox live

What version is Minecraft xbox on?

Currently, the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft is running 1.6.6 beta. This update came out before the adventure update of 1.8. It will take a while for the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft to catch up to the PC version of the game.

If you update the Xbox 360 to play Xbox games will the system still play Xbox 360 games?


Can lord of the rings third age on Xbox work on Xbox 360?

It should, although you will probably have to download and update for the game off of Xbox Live.

Update xbox 360 regular Xbox game work in Xbox360?

umm some work but not all go to and search it

Does an Xbox 360 conect work on an Xbox 360 elite?

Kinect for XBOX 360 was designed to work on any XBOX 360 console and may update your dashboard in order for it to work.

Can an Xbox 360 game work on an original Xbox?

No, an Xbox 360 game will not run on an original Xbox.

How do you update xbox 360?

It dose aromatically

Can you update minecraft on xbox 360 to 1.3.2?

No you can not.

How do you update Minecraft for Xbox 360?

You can check the Mygamesetup dot com and you will get all information about Minecraft

How do you update your Xbox 360 to play Xbox games?

The Xbox 360 can only play certain Xbox titles. A precise list of which Xbox games are compatible with the Xbox 360 is available on the Xbox website.

How do you update your Xbox 360 without Xbox live?

no u have to have XL

Are original Xbox games playable on Xbox live with an Xbox 360?

Answer:Only a select few or original Xbox games are playable on Xbox Live with and Xbox 360. The popular original Xbox games (i.e. Halo 2) are playable. The Xbox must be updated first before it plays any original Xbox game. This will happen when the disc is inserted.When it says "the disc is inserted", it means that you get a disc that has what is called a backward-compatibility update, which is the update that allows you to play said Original Xbox Games. To get this update you must download it via disc (OXM Magazine game disc O burned disc from the official Xbox website) or the Xbox Live Marketplace, but I'm not sure they have it on the marketplace.M3NARD3C0Y:A list of backward compatible games: inserting an Xbox game to the Xbox 360 console, it will ask to download an update for the game so it can be playable. Games not available in the list are not compatible. You must have Xbox LIVE to download the update. After all that, you can play Xbox LIVE. You can use your current Xbox LIVE Gamertag from your Xbox 360 or you can recover your gamertag from your original Xbox to your Xbox 360. It would then be converted to the newly update Xbox LIVE and possibly get a free 1 Month Gold Subscription. It's what I did :) some games may be played but not any of the halos if they are an original xbox gameAnswer:While the following was true (I don't have the heart to delete this guy's answer), the Xbox 360 no longer supports original Xbox games on Xbox LIVE.